He is just a nuisance!

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He is just a nuisance!

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BLABBER is a sober, peace-loving and ardent God-fearing fellah, who finds it hard to solve issues by violent means.

In fact, violence has never been part of his DNA.

However, for once Blabber was happy to learn that the use of minimal force has achieved wonders and knocked sense in the head of this wayward, uncultured and uncouth chalk breaker.

A few notes will help to detect the social misfit being blabbered about.

Known by his first name, which is similar to one of those three biblical Christian martyrs who were thrown into the furnace fire for refusing idolatry, the boy unreservedly boasts about being a rabbi at this private school.

At one point, the thoughtless moron was almost jailed for rape after being framed owing to his abuse of intoxicating substances.

He once taught at that other local private school on the crest of a nearby hill before being given some marching orders owing to his uncivilised excesses of doing things. He then joined this other businessman’s fairly new private school, but Blabber is not sure if he is still part of the institution’s tutorial staff.

If ever he is still there, then the employer must really be a patient man given how much this unruly moron is a bad advert to any institution.

Even though we all know that he is lightweight when it comes to resisting the effects of the wise waters, the boy just a dipsomaniac, a wino and typical tippler, to be precise.

In different watering holes around our beautiful city, he is known for his bad manners that include spontaneously gulping beer that does not belong to him.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that the nuisance was given a thorough hiding at a local pub last weekend after his senseless shenanigans chagrined a fellow imbiber.

Those who witnessed the incident told Blabber that the boy got a fair share of minimum force to the extent of suddenly becoming sober and apologising.

Like I noted earlier on, Blabber does not really celebrate violence but there seems to be no other way of knocking sense into this moron other than the stick.

Blabber hopes the learnt lesson is engrained in his mind and heart forever.

He wildly celebrated stepsister’s birth

Blabber is aware that the birth of a child – boy or girl – brings so much joy in any given family. However, Yours Truly was taken aback by the manner this other businessman’s son wildly celebrated after his stepmother conceived a gild child.

The reason for the wild celebrations was not motivated by love that should naturally follow when a family is blessed with a new arrival, but stemmed from greedy. He was happy that the number of sons in the family had not increased and hence no rivalry in the inheritance of his father’s riches.

One wonders who misinformed this fool into believing that a girl child has no stake in family inheritance and that his father will die before him.

The moron made a fool of himself when he confessed and publicly proclaimed his hatred of additional sons in the family – all because he wants the lion’s share of his father’s riches.

This fool should know that death knows no age and can befall anyone – old or young. Truly speaking, even the rich have fools and the greedy in their families! Blabber is informed that he went out of his way to host a party soon after the child’s birth. This moron should work for himself and stop being consumed by an insatiable desire to inherit his father’s wealth.

This is none other the son of that pom pous businessman who owns a building in the Central Business District (CBD) that was officially opened by that retired Head of State.

Yes, the one who once featured on this widely read column for his sexual shenanigans that included bedding maids at his plush residential property on the city’s outskirts.

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