GushaBhora’s ‘Dzika ngirozi’ moment

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SO there comes a time in our wretched existence when a song becomes life itself — a living testimony vividly captured in lyrics. Hardly surprising, though, considering that music is art. And art is life — an expression that imitates or reproduces reality. And good art, to borrow from the late revolutionary poet-cum-guerilla fighter Freedom Nyamubaya, serves!

That said, we are not sure if Mutare’s sole representative in the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League — Mutare City Rovers — can find comfort or consolation, scant as it may be, in one of today’s anthemic tracks. Dzika Ngirozi, that dirge-like mournful song by Winky D has lines loudly echoing GushaBhora’s present precarious circumstances in the Premiership.

Little doubt that someone somewhere somehow has the hum to this hymn playing in their beleaguered head.

No point, ardent reader, in slogging you with lyrics to that song; much of which even Yours Truly’s kid in kindergarten can recite impromptu.

But this is the song mirroring reality for the Mutare Municipality-wheeled team.

With the least wins, insufficient draws and detrimental defeats, City Rovers are unsurprisingly anchored right at the foot of the 18-team table. With precious little (1 win, three draws, six losses and a goal difference of minus five) to show for their troubles, fixtures – which they are failing to make the most of –  are coming thick and fast as almost a third of the season has been covered now. That the side needs to recover, and well in time, is as requisite as the five ‘O’ Levels pupils need in order to be eligible to enroll for tertiary education in this land.

And with the way they are gliding down the log, the team would unearth ngoda in the Chiadzwa diamond fields or sink boreholes in the same arid Bocha area.

Hearts shattered, their supporters’ minds whirl and wander; wondering what will become of their favourite team if things do not improve, as their teary eyes well up. That the Premiership returnees are presently the worst-placed team among the four promoted this season easily gets their fans fretting.

Since the season kicked off 10 rounds of games ago, the team has not kicked in!

This is where we invoke the football angels to intervene.

“Dzika-dzika ngirozi, dzika-dzika ngirozi/Dzika tiwanire nyasha . . .”

Scuttled from their home ground and seeking refuge in Rusape where they have adopted Vengere as their new haven, the team still appears to be in apparent solitude. Vengere, though a stadium, is only a house, yes,  but not a “home” and it can never be as homely as Sakubva. The team is, thus, separated from their dearest and nearest of Mutare. Even without those home comforts, they have laudably tried to pull their weight as they traverse the elite league’s rugged terrain . Also, Mutare City Rovers have been to several stadia in hunt of points, but have returned with a painfully pittance of joy.

Another supplication, an invocation, to the angels to come down will suffice here.

“Ndaiti zvimwe ichadzika ngirozi, ichadzimura ngozi, ichandiwanira nyasha/Aiwa ndatsikwa corns/Dzika-dzika ngirozi, dzika dzimura ngozi, dzika ndiwanire nyasha/Aiwa ndatsikwa corns . . .”

The football gods, if they will, should unshackle the team from the yoke of relegation. There is a ravaging force that is threatening to take GushBhora down, an avenging spirit that is terrorising to take them back to Division One and it needs to be exorcised.

We, again, wail to the football angels to intercede.

Douse the flame that is threatening to devour the club’s house, which is engulfed in an inferno, they must. Torn in internal, and seemingly eternal, strife over control of the club the members of Mutare City Rovers are; but whose fights is this and what good does it do anyone? When the protagonists become antagonists it spells doom and gloom for the team, what with demotion from the Premiership already looming large over them.

May our dear team find angelic favour with the football gods and grace, without which we will be rendered redundant among the local game’s aristocracy, abound for the remainder of the campaign.

“Ndaiti zvimwe ichadzika ngirozi, ichadzimura ngozi, ichandiwanira nyasha/Aiwa ndatsikwa corns/Dzika-dzika ngirozi, dzika dzimura ngozi, dzika ndiwanire nyasha/Aiwa ndatsikwa corns . . .”

If it is about football that you care let’s share the cheer because we are made for the game, mad about the game!


Here’s wishing Liverpool the best of luck in the [Uefa Champions League] final. – Liberty Mhlanga, Dangamvura.

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