Granny’s magical ‘cure’

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Granny’s magical ‘cure’ dagga

The ManicaPost

Lovemore Kadzura Rusape Correspondent

After being caught with seven kilogrammes of marijuana in her possession, a Headlands traditional healer (94) claimed the dagga was part of her healing herbs.

Rusape magistrate, Mr Obedience Matare gave Gogo Tayisekwa Zimbudzi a stern warning and allowed her to go due to her advanced age.

Gogo Zimbudzi pleaded guilty when she appeared before Mr Matare and told the court that she uses marijuana to cure clients of different ailments.

Mr Matare strongly cautioned her against dealing with illegal drugs.

Appearing for the State, Mr Marlon Makamba said, “On June 7 at around midnight, police went to the Zimbudzi homestead as they were following up on a case of illegal possession of a firearm in which a villager, Tongai Mashamba, was a suspect.

“Police searched the homestead in Mashamba’s presence. However, they instead discovered some marijuana that was packed in plastic bags and buckets, thereby leading to his arrest.

“Mashamba implicated Zimbudzi, leading to her arrest. The marijuana was weighed at Zimpost Rusape and it weighed 7kg,” said Mr Makamba.

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