Granny in 11-year sex drought

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Tendai Gukutikwa

Weekender Correspondent

INTIMACY is one of the reasons behind marriage, yet there are times when the fire burns out.

This is the case of an Odzi elderly couple which is at loggerheads over conjugal rights, with Gogo Ena Makandiona (60) accusing her hubby Sekuru Hamufari Mazwieguta (65) of sexually starving her for 11 years.

Makandiona accuses Mazwieguta of manufacturing lies about his manhood being locked.

Business was brought to a halt at Odzi Police Station last week on Saturday as skeletons tumbled out of the couple’s marital cupboard.

The couple has been married for 43 years and is blessed with 12 children.

While the couple had approached the police over a misunderstanding over their cattle, things got out of hand as Sekuru Mazwieguta said he has been deliberately sexually starving his wife.

Out of spite, Sekuru Mazwieguta told Gogo Makandiona that his ‘batteries’ are fully charged and that for the past 11 years, he was being intimate with his second wife, Gogo Patricia Chakapunza every night.

Gogo Chakapunza, married to Sekuru Mazwieguta for the past six years, confirmed her husband’s claims, saying they have been enjoying full marital bliss all these years, much to the shock of Gogo Makandiona who had been made to believe that her husband was impotent.

Speaking to The Weekender, Gogo Makandiona said she might be forced to approach the civil courts as she didn’t get much help from the police.

“The police could not offer us much help as this is a civil matter. They just encouraged us to find a lasting solution to our problem.

“If this persists and we fail to reach an agreement, our next port of call will be the civil courts. I was silent all these years because I thought that he was really locked.

“I was shocked, but thank God the truth finally came out through his anger.

“I am heartbroken because I stayed with him all these years thinking that my husband is impotent.

“I am really angry at him. I am his wife, not his sister. If I wanted a relationship without intimacy I would have stayed with my brother. I am his wife and should be treated as such in the bedroom.”

She added: “He rarely steps in my bedroom. He does not even touch me, claiming that he was locked.”

The family’s neighbour, Catherine Mavhima, said the trio is always fighting, with Gogo Makandiona accusing Gogo Chakapudza of locking their husband’s manhood.

Mazwieguta’s phone was unreachable when The Weekender tried to contact him for comment.


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