Govt brings hope to the disabled

14 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views

The ManicaPost

Muhamed Komboni Post Correspondent

THE Government has pledged to support people with disabilities in Manicaland by assisting them with assistive devices, The Manica Post has heard.

The national treasurer of the National Council of the Disabled Persons of Zimbabwe, Mr Chamunorwa Ringisai Dube, said they were happy as the Government was concerned with their grievances.

“We are compiling the names of people with disabilities so that we get assistance in various forms like the hearing aids, wheelchairs from the Government. This shows that the Government is passionate about people with disabilities. We requested the names of people with disabilities to the councillors in various districts in Manicaland. Some have already submitted these names.

“The Government will assist us with the provision of resources as this makes it easier for us to travel to school, work and other places. We face various challenges as we travel, but when we find those who support us, we feel very excited. We are still compiling the names and we will complete this soon,” said Mr Dube.

Manicaland provincial treasurer for the Federation for Disabled Persons of Zimbabwe Nyarai Mazaiwana added that this allowed people with disabilities to do various tasks and enabled persons with disabilities to move from one place to another without hindrance.

Some needed assistance for them to move from one point to another, others need wheelchairs, hearing aids depending on the nature of disability but they could not afford any of these.

Some beneficiaries said some children were good at school but did not have the resources to listen to the tutor’s instruction.

Others may even be able to play ball games but were unable to communicate with the football coaches and  some of the coaches did not even understand the sign languages.

As a result, the children were left behind as they did not have equal opportunities to participate just like their able-bodied counterparts.

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