Gossiper beaten up, hospitalised

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Tendai Gukutikwa
Weekender Correspondent
TWO HOB-HOUSE women who assaulted their neighbour for bad-mouthing as well as gossiping about them have been convicted and sentenced to 13 months imprisonment by a Mutare court. Precious Nhekairo and Shorai Marape were convicted of assault as defined in Section 89 (1) (c) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23. This was after they assaulted and caused severe injuries which resulted in the hospitalisation of their neighbour, Abigail Matinyadze whom they accused of being a rumour monger. Nhekairo and Marape were however given an option to commit 385 hours of community service after the court suspended 11months of their 13-month-jail-term for unpaid work. The remaining two months were suspended on condition of good behaviour for two years. The pair will do the community service at Chikanga Police Station and are expected to have finished within 12 weeks.

Mutare magistrate, Miss Perseverance Makala presided over the matter while Matthew Chimutunga prosecuted. The court heard that sometime in March, Matinyadze was called into Nhekairo’s house where the two confronted her and ordered her to tell them the lies she was spreading in the neighbourhood against them.

“They said that she had been spreading rumours that Nhekairo was a prostitute and was having extra marital affairs behind her husband’s back. Nhekairo and Marape both attacked the complainant and when she tried to escape, they set their dogs on her and locked the gate.

“The dogs attacked Matinyadze and bit her all over the body. She fell unconscious and only woke up at the hospital where she was hospitalised for five days,” said Mr Chimutunga.

Nhekairo and Marape had denied the assault charges and a full trial was conducted, leading to the pair being found guilty. Mutare lawyer, Mr Justin Fusire represented the duo.

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