Golfer Makamidzani storms into All-Africa tournament

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Golfer Makamidzani storms into All-Africa tournament Trust Makamidzani

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Ray Bande Senior Reporter

APART from the emergency flight that airlifted him half dead out of the ravages of Cyclone Idai in March 2019, young golfer, Trust Makamidzani’s second experience in the skies will be his trip to Egypt for the prestigious All-Africa Tournament set for March 2021.

Trust was selected to be part of the Zimbabwe boys’ golf team, thanks to a sterling performance in recent competitions and more importantly a gallant display in last week’s Zimbabwe Golf Union tournament at Wingate Golf Course in Harare. The Zimbabwe team is made up of Ethan Kristiansen, Trust Makanidzani, Keegan Shutt,Michael Wallace and non travelling reserve Tariro November.

The dates of the All-Africa Tournament in Egypt are provisionally set for March 23 to 26, 2021.

Trust is still living in a makeshift tent after Cyclone Idai destroyed his Matsetso Village home. He acquired his passport on Monday. What makes Trust’s recent achievement sweeter is that the Egypt contest is also a stepping stone to the Toyota World Championships set for Japan mid-next year.

“Following the All-Africa Tournament is the Toyota World Championships in Japan which takes place from June 22 to 26, 2021.

“When accepting your selection, please confirm that you are available for both events,” wrote Ilonka Bekker, president of the Zimbabwe Junior Golf Association, to selected golfers.

Bekker further urged the selected athletes not only to maintain their stamina, but to improve it.

“We request that you work hard at your game to present yourselves in the best golfing, mental and physical shape when we travel to Egypt next year,” reads Bekker’s letter.

Trust’s Cinderella tale began when he was spotted as a talented golfer by his benefactor, Jane High. The environmental conservation proponent identified Trust’s potential during a community sports initiative held under the auspices of Matsetso Sports.

High said: “Many good people helped to make this happen. Our development golf programme led by Themba Sibanda is something all Zimbabweans should be proud of. It is an unbelievable programme. I tried to do the same with footballers. I found three boys who could have made it to national teams, but they were not given the chance. The system used in selecting our young footballers is shocking.

“I was truly mortified by my experience of the football set-up. It was quite an eye-opener for someone who was used to the ‘New Winners Scheme’ put in place by Coca Cola in 1989. I was the director for swimming and tennis. Cricket and volleyball were also sponsored by Coca Cola. This was meant to identify and grow talented Zimbabwean sports-persons. The chaos now characterising football administration is an eye-opener,” said High.

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