Golden Peacock closes shop

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Golden Peacock closes shop Rozvie Empire owner Eddie Gopo’s team bite the dust against an equally star studed Beer Garden in recent MPL encounter


Ray Bande
Senior Reporter


GOLDEN Peacock are no longer part of Mutare Pool League (MPL), and their opponents on the fixtures list are being awarded maximum points on a walkover 13-0 scoreline until the end of the season.

Post Sport understands that a change of management resulted in the demise of an otherwise exciting club that was an envy of fellow clubs in the league when it comes to how they hosted away teams.

Nonetheless, the MPL gets into MatchDay 37 this weekend with a number of explosive encounters lined up, top on the list being the clash between giants, Shoverland and the unforgiving star-studded, Beer Garden.

The Chigodora-based Beer Garden have not been taking prisoners in recent matches, and their triumph over highly rated Rozvie a fortnight ago remains fresh in the minds of the followers of the league.

For months, MPL powerhouse, Rozvie Empire, has been making light work of opponents as they trounced rivals with wide margins week-in, week-out.

The club had just become invincible and addicted to winning the exciting MPL Sunday afternoon matches.

But everything has an ending, and the Rozvie Empire’s fine run had a sad ending during MatchDay 35 when the club was reduced to a pale shadow of the invincible club MPL has always known.

None other than fellow title chasing, Beer Garden Pool Club were the architects of Rozvie Empire’s misery.

Beer Garden cantered past a hapless Rozvie Empire outfit, trouncing them to a 13-3 decisive defeat within the first two rounds of a three rounds encounter.

The Chigodora-based pool club then eased off in the final round of matches to settle for a comfortable 16-8 victory.

Man of the moment, Tawanda Makanda, affectionately known by his peers and pool fans as Jah Du, did not disappoint, winning all his three frames, including against some highly fancied opponents such as Coordinate Chiredzi of Rozvi Empire.

The other player Beer Garden to win three frames in this encounter was Shingi Zinhu, while Robson Nzarayebani won one out of his three frames and Tawanda Gonzo managed to win two.

Gaylance Machakache won one.

The trio of Learnmore Takaerwa, Nyasha Mutepfa and the exceptionally talented Tatenda Chikara won two of their three frames, each.

Last weekend’s results:

Snippers 13- 0 Golden Peacock; Mahoya 5-19 Soul City; Giants 13-11 Boss Kedha; Windsor 7-17 Beloepass; Rozvie Empire 18-6 Tagaz; Buffalo 12-12 Mandisa; Acid 11-13 Beer Garden; Fantasy 13-11 Mutare City; Shoverland 20-4 ZhakShiraq; Neighbourhood 16-8 Galaxy; Villa Spot 18-6 Chikanga; Old Mutual 6-18 T-One.

Sunday: MatchDay 37:

Golden Peacock v Mahoya; Snipers v Giants; Soul City v Winsor; Boss Kedha v Rozvie Empire; Beloepass v Buffalo; Tagaz v Acid; Mandisa v Fantasy; Beer Garden v Shoverland; Mutare City v Neighbourhood; Zhakshiraq v Villa Spot; Galaxy v Old Mutual; Chikanga v T-One.


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