Gold ore robbery foiled

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Gold ore robbery foiled Romeo Mutasa

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Abel Zhakata Senior Reporter
A CENTRAL Intelligence Organisation operative stationed in Mutasa and a soldier together with two other accomplices have been arrested by the police on allegations of stealing one tonne gold ore at a mine in Odzi.

Erick Ngonidzashe Paradzayi (26), Deffin Kuziwakwashe Mandiriza (27), Romeo Mutasa (27) and Herbert Nyachega (37) are set to appear in court soon facing robbery as defined under Section 126 of the Criminal law Codification and Reform Act Chapter 09:23.

Paradzayi is a soldier while Mandiriza is a CIO operative in Mutasa.

Erick Ngonidzashe Paradzayi

Manicaland police spokesman Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa said he was yet to get details of the robbery.

However, detectives handling the case revealed that the robbery occurred on February 23 at Grand Manica Mine.

Circumstances are that the accused persons who were in the company of Guide Mavheneke who is still at large hatched a plan to steal gold ore from the mine.

Allegations are that Paradzayi who is a soldier stationed at 3 Brigade approached Mandiriza – a CIO operative based in Mutasa – to source for a truck to hire.

Mandiriza then approached Paddington Nemaunga who offered his truck a Mitsubishi Canter (ABG 3721) which was being driven by Tendai Enock Nemaunga.

Deffin Kuzivakwashe Mandiriza

Mandiriza took the hired truck to Mutumbani Business Centre where she met Mutasa and Nyachega.

They drove to Grand Manica Mine and arrived at about 2.30am.

On arrival the accused persons ordered that the truck be parked away from the mine.

The four accused persons proceeded to the mine and approached the complainant, Ruka Mazano (28) who is employed as a security guard at the mine.

He was on duty in the company of three other guards namely Mangere Bharaja (47), Victor Tarugarira (36) and Mutungamiri Mavhurere (38).

At this point Paradzayi introduced himself as a police officer and ordered the security guards to surrender their cell phones and national identity cards to which they resisted.

Herbert Nyachega

The accused persons assaulted the security guards with sticks and open hands.

During the ensuing melee Tarugarira and Mavhurere managed to escape leaving the other two guards being assaulted by the suspects.

Paradzayi who seemed to the ring leader tied Mazano’s hands using shoe laces and ordered his accomplice Mutasa to keep guard while they took Mangere to where the gold ore was.

The accused persons loaded about a tonne of gold ore into the truck and drove away with the Mazano and Mangere in the truck.

The two guards who had escaped teamed up with members of the public and pursued the truck using a hired vehicle.

They caught up with the truck after Odzi Business Centre where they confronted the accused persons. The accused persons ran away leaving the truck and the gold ore. Mazano and Mangere were rescued.

The complainant went and made a report at ZRP Odzi. The stolen gold ore was recovered.

Soon after the incident detectives from Mutare Central attended the scene. They recovered the truck and a G Tel cell phone which belongs to Paradzayi.Follow ups made resulted in the arrest of the four accused persons.

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