Fun-lover recruits nine-year-old

29 May, 2020 - 00:05 0 Views

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Tendai Gukutikwa Weekender Correspondent
A Mutare woman has been taking her neighbour’s nine-year-old grandchild to several drinking spots and has since been dragged to court by the minor’s grandmother.

Sophia Mutsakwani described the youthful Mary Andrew Pandura as a thorn in her flesh when they appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Nyasha Kuture on Tuesday.

She also accused Pandura of threatening her with unspecified action.

“Pandura threatens to hire night club bouncers to ‘deal with me’ each time l confront her about the issue,” said Mutsakwani.

Ms Kuture granted a protection order in Mutsakwani’s favour and barred Pandura from threatening to kill, assault, insult or harass her.

She was also ordered to stop taking the minor to bars.

Mutsakwani told the court, “I wonder why she takes the child to the local bars and night clubs, Your Worship. This is a child who cannot make her own decisions. What if she is taught sex work or the use of drugs during those outings?

“Pandura is exposing my grandchild to dirty and immoral acts, which has left me with no option but to take the child to my workplace,” said Mutsakwani who is employed as a security guard and sometimes works at night.

“She also belittles me in the presence of my daughters-in-law. This woman has caused so much pain in my life. At times she labels me a witch and a woman of loose morals,” said Mutsakwani.

But in her defence, Pandura denied the allegations.

“I just took a walk into town with the girl. The girl actually approached me and asked if she could accompany me into town as she was bored at home. I only passed through one beer joint to collect my money,” said Pandura.

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