Football prayer against hooliganism

04 May, 2018 - 00:05 0 Views

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OH, football gods, bless us with the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.

Our clubs, who art in the Premiership, hallowed by thy game, thy championship come, let the good of the game prevail, at this match venue as at the other.

Give us this game our weekly bread. And purge our game of the vice of violence and hounding hooliganism, as we desire our football to be a flawless flow of fairness.

Oh, football gods, bless our match officials with evenhandedness and impartiality so there are no drawbacks of remonstrations. Grant our clubs the capacity to rein in their supporters’ petulance, help the fans with the wisdom to accept that this is just a game and realise that games are won, drawn or lost. Help make our stadia have the sanctity to be havens where families can enjoy the game in a conducive environment. Watch over us and let thy game be exalted throughout the entire duration of the campaign, so it does not plunge to the depths of despair.

Lead us not into violence, but deliver us from this hooliganism.

For thine is the season, the goals and the points, for ever and ever.



If it is about football that you care let’s share the cheer because we are made for the game, mad about the game!


Madinda (Ndlovu, the Highlanders coach), what a coach! Keep it up, hope zvicharamba zvakadaro. Pep (Guardiola, the Manchester City coach) akazviita and right now they are champions. – Hoso.

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