Foolproof hairstyles to withstand rainy weather

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Foolproof hairstyles to withstand rainy weather

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Is there anything worse than commuting in rainy weather?

Over here in Manicaland, looking outside to see another rainy day can sometimes feel like the bane of our existence. Nobody wants to have to worry about keeping their things —and themselves—dry, all the time.

Plus, each time the storm clouds roll in, we adjust our beauty routines accordingly; this is particularly an issue for anyone who styles their hair.

A freshly curled mane or a straightened style doesn’t stand a chance against a wash-out, so we toss it up in a ponytail, bun, or whatever hairstyle we can muster with a hair tie or clip.  But why should boring hair be synonymous with bad weather? Instead, we should take a stand against a gloomy day and make the most out of it with a cute ’do.

Wet look

You have the option to embrace the rainy forecast and try out the wet look. Tease your roots for extra lift and part hair to the side, then work some mousse into wet hair while scrunching for texture.


A low ballerina bun is easy enough to configure any day of the week, but we have to say it works especially well on overcast days. Add a few bobby pins to keep things interesting. If you have natural hair, try pulling it up into a high puff. To smooth out the back of your head, work a bit of gel through your strands.


Pineappling your hair is a great way to maintain the integrity of your hair regardless of the weather, but especially when dense, humid air is in the forecast. Topknots on a rainy day will always get our nod of approval. Not only do they hide frayed ends but they also mask awkward-length hair if you’re trying to grow out your mane.

Scarf it

If the gloomy weather proves to be too much and you can’t muster up more than a messy bun, dress the hairdo up with a pretty scarf or headwrap, leaving a knot on the top for some added flair. It’s easy to maintain and looks so cute. Points added for an extra bright scarf pattern.


When there’s a torrential downpour and you know your locks are doomed, try the universal style that (literally) everyone can do — a simple braid. Not only is this the perfect time to show off some chic ear candy, but it’s a fool-proof way to keep any frizz tamed.—Online.


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