Father Ribeiro calls for national unity

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Luthando Mapepa
VETERAN Roman Catholic priest, Father Emmanuel Ribeiro, has called on all Christians to shun retrogressive beliefs and play a part in uniting the multi-racial nation.Father Ribeiro who also doubles up as a musician was in Chipinge last week to prepare for the church’s golden jubilee celebrations in the district set for October 24.

Roman Catholic Church has been ministering in Chipinge for the past 50 years.

“Christians’ unity is very important for the governance of the country hence church leaders should always preach the unity gospel despite our different beliefs.

“Unity is power. If we are united no one will divide us in this country. If there is instability in church, this will spill to all aspects of governance,” he said.

The outspoken clergyman who contributed immensely to nation building and identity of Zimbabwe also said singing music together in church plays a significant role in uniting the nation.

“Just like the national anthem, when we sing in church we sing together showing an element of unity, therefore we will strengthen the church and the country.

“When a group of people sing together it shows that there is unity just like what we do when we sing the national anthem.

“There is a spirit behind singing and music motivates everyone, that is why we attained the majority rule in the country,” he said.

Father Ribeiro said plans were underway to set up another school of music in the country aiming at promoting local culture especially those of marginalised groups in the country.

“People are easily defined by their culture hence we should set up a college of music which promote traditional cultures around the country. There is nothing we can do without culture and more should be done to fight culture imperialism for the benefit of the coming generations,” he said.

Born in 1935 in Chivhu, Father Ribiero attended Kutama Mission, Gokomere and Gweru Teachers’ College.

He studied Theology at Chishawasha before enrolling for a Masters’ Degree at Bloomington College of Music in the USA.

Father Ribeiro has a music career spanning over 60 years and has composed over 17 Roman Catholic Church songs.

He was the head of the committee which penned the country’s national anthem and was part of the committee which designed Zimbabwe’s national flag.

He also masterminded President Mugabe’s great escape to Mozambique.

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