Fashion diva fix my looks

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Fashion diva fix  my looks

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Hello Fashion Diva, I need your help. My name is Stella and I am 18 years old and I have the worst face in the world. I was dark before and I had acne. Socialising was difficult and people teased me in school.

So I started using lightening cream a year or so ago, which seemed to help the acne and it made me lighter. I looked amazing and everyone loved my skin. But recently my face started breaking out in acne again, but this time it is worse because the pimples bleed.

I tried changing my skin lightening cream to a less stronger one, but still my face got worse. I now have terrible pimples and marks all over my face and nothing is helping. Even the lightening cream is not working. I know you tell us not to use lightening creams but it is now normal life. So please help me fix this problem.

Hello Stella, thank you for being honest about your skin issues and what you were using. That is the beginning of healing, when you can tell the truth about what you were doing or using. So many of my facial clients, come in for treatment but they do not tell the truth. Only when the treatment fails to work, do they then tell me the truth. By then it is almost too late because the damage will now be worse. Because they lied a wrong treatment would have been used.

Yes appearance matters a lot. For many people, a good physical appearance is necessary for a high self esteem and good social skills. But there is also a phenomenon taking the world by storm . . . skin lightening. This is why people will go to great lengths to ensure that they are at their physical best.

One of the most recent ways of improving appearance is by skin whitening. This is a process that lightens the complexion of the skin and evens out the tone. But what people refuse to acknowledge is that anything that alters one’s natural hair, skin etc will eventually have negative repercussions.

Yes there is help for you my dear, but the process is going to be long. It takes five to seven weeks to see a substantial change in one’s skin. Also medication will suppress the bacteria or reaction to the cream, but it may not stop the reaction reoccurring again months later or years later, if you do not stop using these creams.

To heal acne or the after effects of lightening creams one needs external and or internal remedies. As you know I deal with natural remedies to help people deal with their facial skin issues. Natural remedies work best as a prevention or work best in the beginning stages of skin problems. But once the issue has been there for a while, it is best for you to seek help from a dermatologist.

Your problem right now is that the cream you used to heal your original acne, is now the issue that is causing your current acne (which is not true acne). This is because you over used it. So let me explain what happens when you over use lightening cream, then I will attempt to give you advice to help repair the damage of over using lightening cream.

Our skin colour is brought about by melanin. The more concentrated the melanin, the darker the skin. Albinos, have no melanin at all. Skin whitening works by reducing the concentration of melanin and thus lightening the colour shade of the skin. Even though this process is very popular, there are a number of negative side effects associated with it.

These effects have raised considerable controversy regarding the use of skin whitening products. There are three main trouble ingredients in lightening treatments (the same ingredients are also the best to deal with acne and blemishes). Skin whitening is achieved by use of chemicals that may affect the body adversely in a number of ways. These negative effects of skin whitening range from mild to life threatening.

Hydroquinone is one of the most commonly used ingredients in many skin whiteners. Studies and tests have shown that a possible side effect of hydroquinone is cancer, especially skin cancer. This product has been banned in several countries. Two percent Hydroquinone in products is relatively safe, however, anything over that must be used with care and under doctor’s supervision.

Mercury: This is one of the most toxic substances used in skin whiteners. Even in very small amounts, mercury can have adverse effects on the body. It has been known to affect the brain.

Arsenic: This is a chemical that is also used in pesticides and herbicides. It can cause various types of cancer including lung, kidney and liver cancer.

Alpha hydroxyl: This is a chemical used in chemical peels. Due to serious side effects, it should not be used without the strict supervision of a medical professional. Premature skin aging as a result of prolonged use of skin whiteners.

For products that contain steroids, there is a danger of skin infections, acne, skin thinning and poor healing of wounds.

Hydroquinone: Unintended skin discolouration resulting from the use of hydroquinone. This discolouration is usually very difficult to get rid of.

Cancer: Depending on the type of skin lightening product used, there are various types of cancers that the body gets exposed to. Products that contain components such as hydroquinone, mercury and arsenic can lead to lung, liver or wrinkle & skin cancer.

Now other effects of the above chemicals are stubborn acne (which you now have): This is especially if the whitener is used for a prolonged period of time. Stretch Marks: This is also as a result of prolonged skin bleaching. Birth defects if used by pregnant women. Liver damage. Cataracts if used over the eye area for a prolonged period of time.

My thinking, and I will never change this is that, to avoid a majority of the side effects brought about by commercial skin bleaches, use natural skin whitening cream if you have to.

The biggest advantage of using natural cream is that you will achieve the intended effect safely without exposing yourself to a range of diseases. Natural skin whitening cream uses natural products such as lemon juice, honey, milk, oats, mealie meal, paw paw, egg white, aloe vera and so many more to bleach and also nourish the skin. I will talk about these natural foods, vegetables etc., next week, so be sure to get your paper next week.

Until next week, God bless.

Fashion Diva can be messaged on 0772933845 or may be found in Wig Boutique inside Meikles Department Store.


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