Fashion diva fix my look

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Fashion diva  fix my look

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All in this winter

Ann Ruthenburg Fashion
Hello there folks.
We are nearly out of the coldest month of winter, so we can gear up for warmer days and not so cold nights. Although having said that, I realise that this is Zimbabwe, anything can happen, lol.

This winter anything goes ladies, any colour, any shape, any style, it’s all good according to the International Fashionista’s. People are wearing everything from corduroy to denims, chiffon to wool, cotton to nylon, T-shirt to suiting.

I have never seen so much clothing in so many different styles and materials in one season, it’s exciting but unsettling for someone like me who loves to know what our fashion boundaries are each season.

I told a friend the other day, to feel free to pull out all those old winter pieces I told her are no longer in fashion.

This winter she can mix and match them as she pleases. I must throw caution here though, that just because it is free for all, it does not mean all is okay.

Mix and match as you please but bare in mind all the fashion rules I have told you about. Be aware what is casual wear and what works for work. Be aware of professional colours and social colours.

Be thoughtful when you dress up. I always say the state of your mind when you dress up will show in your dressing, so think about your day and where you are going and what image you want to portray and whether it is appropriate. It’s quite simple really . . . be thoughtful in the chaos! Lol.

Here are some examples of mix and match for you all. Throw in a fashionable pair of sunglasses during the day when the hot winter sun is “greeting” you.

If you are not afraid of “hat hair”, wear a beanie or a sun hat to show off your coolness. And of cause do not forget the gloves for early morning or early evening ventures.

Until next week God bless.

Fashion Diva can be messaged on 0772933845 or may be found at K and K Hair Salon inside Meikles Department Store.

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