Farmers benefit from World Vision weir dams

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Blessing Rwizi Post Correspondent
FARMERS in areas around 10 irrigation schemes established by World Vision in Buhera, Chimanimani and Chipinge districts are set to benefit from weir dams constructed in their areas.

The 10 irrigation schemes will be using water from at least nine weir dams constructed under the drought relief programme.

A weir is a barrier across a river designed to alter the flow characteristics.

In most cases weirs take the form of a horizontal barrier across the width of a river that pools water behind it while still allowing it to flow steadily over the top.

The 10 irrigation schemes and dams are Tarwira, Manyanga, Chabata, Chibuwe, Chidzadza, Bangwe, Changadzi, Dzotiro, Chandimara, Chikukute and Bvumbura.

Farmers at these irrigation schemes are growing cash crops like maize, peas, butternuts, onions, tomatoes, beans, green pepper and ground nuts among others.

World Vision Engineer, Eng Ability Charlie, said small-scale farmers in some of the irrigation schemes had already started using water from the dams, but most of them were utilising the current rains for their farming activities.

“Current water levels in most of the weir dams are good for irrigation for at least a year. Most of the farmers are still using the rains for most of their farming activities, but there is enough water to sustain them after the rainy season until they harvest their crops. The amount of water in these weir dams will also help in reducing livestock deaths in the event of droughts especially in Chipinge and Buhera where thousands of cattle died over the past years due to lack of feeds and enough water,” said Eng Charlie.

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