Family confesses to murder

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Family confesses to murder The man confessed to killing his friend


Lovemore Kadzura

Rusape Correspondent


A RUSAPE family’s murder secret of seven years recently came out in the open as the avenging spirit of a slain teacher is now giving them a torrid time.


The Maziofa family of Masvosva Village under Chief Chiduku are begging for forgiveness from the Chigweses after one of them was abducted in the presence of school pupils seven years ago.


Edward Maziofa is alleged to have teamed up with Patrick Mupfekeri (now late) to kill Bernard Chigwese in cold blood following a botched cattle selling deal.


The two men allegedly performed some rituals on Chigwese’s body.


However, the Maziofas have now revealed that they have been having sleepless nights as Chigwese’s spirit is allegedly tormenting them, with some members developing mental illnesses and experiencing bad omens.


Last month, the avenging spirit struck hard when Francis Maziofa committed suicide by hanging from a tree branch in Makoni Country Club Golf Course. Francis’ father, Mekia allegedly played a key role in shielding Edward from facing justice for Chigwese’s murder.


Mupfekeri and Maziofa allegedly abducted Chigwese at Masvosva Primary School and dragged him to a nearby bush where they fatally assaulted him.


They allegedly dumped his body in a nearby bush with a bottle containing unknown substances and a candle on his body.


His body was discovered the following day by fellow villagers.


Police were informed and investigations that were conducted led to the arrest of Maziofa and Mupfekeri.


However, the duo only appeared in court twice and they were never convicted.


Chigwese’s body was exhumed two weeks after his burial following his family’s protests.


A post-mortem was done in Harare but results on the cause of Chigwese’s death were inconclusive.


However, peace has eluded the Maziofa and Mupfekeri families years later.


Last week on Saturday, the Maziofas sent two emissaries – Tobias Maziofa and Demetria Mapfumo – to Headman Lazarus Mudyarabikwa’s court to narrate how Maziofa and Mupfekeri killed Chigwese and how they are now being tortured by his spirit.


“We are here before this court to represent the Maziofa family. We have been sent to openly admit that it was our relative, Edward Maziofa, together with Patrick Mupfekeri, who killed Bernard Chigwese in 2014.


“Mupfekeri had sold a beast to Chigwese and there was a misunderstanding over its payment. The two fatally assaulted him.


“They were arrested but we ensured that the case died a natural death. However, Chigwese’s spririt is now haunting our family, we no longer know any peace. The family is now experiencing misfortunes all the time, while some are developing mental illnesses.


“Last month, one boy started hallucinating, shouting ‘makandiurayirei (why did you kill me)’ before bolting out of the house. We later found him hanging.


“We have suffered enough and have decided to come out in the open and appeal for assistance from this court to facilitate dialogue with the Chigweses. We are prepared to pay for our sins.


“Several prophets have told us that our misfortunes are being caused by the avenging spirit,” said Tobias.


Headman Mudyarabikwa referred the case to Chief Chiduku’s court, citing its seriousness.


He also ruled that Maziofa, as the alleged perpetrator of the crime, must be present at the hearing.


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