Even Bishops are corrupt too

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I MUST admit dear reader that the temptation was so strong to write about these other four sluts who are pouncing on unsuspecting men in different upmarket watering holes around the city.

With their trendy white BMW vehicle, one is tempted to invest their trust in these hopeless thigh vendors before being duped of their hard earned cash

Nonetheless, Yours Truly decided to dwell on this juicy one about some respected figures in this other apostolic church sect that is known by the name of its ageing leader?

I mean that apostolic church sect that is well known for a rather awkward regulation which demands that all men fasten all their shirt buttons right up to one’s neck.

Yes, the ones known for not consuming bread.

After managing to follow these strenuous church rules and regulations, there are two gentlemen in the church who seem to have succumbed to the pressures of human life and are failing to follow the basic rules and regulations of the holy book.

One of them is a well known bishop in the church who runs a second hand items shop right in the Central Business District as well as meat retail business while the other is into hardware.

Let us start with our dear bishop. He is soft spoken to the extent that one can hardly suspect that he is involved in dirty deals with this other son-in-law of a deposed female Government minister.

The son-in-law to this talkative, good-for-nothing former minister is being paid thousands of dollars by this bishop of ours so that the former facilitates farming land for the church elder.

Word reaching Blabber is that the bishop actually paid considerable amounts plus beasts to this fraudster hoping to get a farm.

Whether he got what he wanted or not, only heavens know!

As if that was enough, efforts were being made by this corrupt son-in-law to have the bishop included in the provincial lands committee and Blabber wonders in what capacity.

Simple advice to the bishop from Yours Truly is that he should quickly cut ties with this cheat for the sake of his reputation and that of the church.

Then there is this other member of his church who runs a thriving hardware shop located somewhere downtown.

He is a well-respected figure in the church because of the money he has amassed over the years. Blabber is however ashamed of the sexual shenanigans of this bare skinned fellow.

Yours Truly thought it would end with that other dancer whom he used to finance some few months ago but it appears the man has an insatiable desire for the horizontal mambo game.

Blabber has it on good authority that he is feasting on some of his employees and the boy has little if any respect for his wife in this regard.

Once again, Blabber’s simple advice to this sexual predator is that being a church goer he should read the story of Samson and Delilah for him to understand the possible eventualities of his uncontrolled sexual appetite.

To God be the glory!

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