Errant wife dragged to court

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Tendai Gukutikwa

A WAYWARD woman who left her matrimonial home in 2005 in search of greener pastures in South Africa, only to come back in 2015 with illegitimate children has been arraigned before the courts.Alert Kangoma was dragged to court by her estranged husband, Dunmore Dzanga.Presiding over the matter was Mutare magistrate Ms Venencia Mugota.

In his application, Dzanga showed great anger in having married Kangoma in the first place as he told the court that she had betrayed him only a year after he had finalised paying her bride price.

I married her in 2000, but finalised paying the bridal price in 2004. I paid beasts Your Worship, but despite all that she stole my money which I intended to buy 2,5 kilograms of gold with. She ran away with the money and my child only to come back in 2015 with other children, he said in anger.

He told the court that he felt betrayed and did not want her at his matrimonial home.

Stated Dzanga: She did not only betray me, but the whole concept of marriage.

Mukadzi uyu idambudziko mukati meupenyu hwangu mambo (This woman is a burden in my life Your Worship). She just came back last year with children that are not even mine and claims that I am still her husband and should not evict her from my house because she helped in building it.

Your Worship, I will not have illegitimate children in my house, she should leave. Besides, I have already married someone else, someone far better than her. I want her completely out of my life.

In her response, Kangoma told the court that Dzanga chased her away from her matrimonial home and that she was still his wife in the traditional sense as he had not given her a divorce token.

She went on to tell the court that the bitter Dzanga would insult both her mother and herself with obscene language.

She, however, demanded that she be given the money that she had contributed in building the house that he wanted her out of.

I do not care if he gives me a divorce token or not. He also has to give me part of my contributions on the building of the house that he wants to evict me from, she told the court.

Ms Mugota granted the pair a binding over protection order which bars both parties from evicting, harassing, insulting and assaulting each other. They were ordered to live in peace.

However, Dzanga was advised to seek an eviction order if he no longer wanted Kangoma in his house.

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