End to brutal reign of terror

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End to brutal reign of terror NABBED . . . Daniel Chauke

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Tendai Gukutikwa
Post Reporter

LUCK recently eluded a 62-year-old man — who for the last two years unleashed a reign of terror, raping and murdering victims, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake — following his dramatic arrest by the police.

Daniel Chauke, who at times sliced the victims’ privates and fled with them, is alleged to have been in the habit of stealing some undergarments for suspected rituals.

During one of the heinous acts, Chauke allegedly murdered a woman before turning his anger on her dog, slicing it into pieces.

Chauke has been on the police’s most wanted list, having been categorised as one of the most dangerous and brutal criminals on the prowl. He was last week hauled before Chipinge Magistrates’ Court, facing three counts of murder as defined in Section 47(1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23.

Chipinge magistrate, Mr Alfred Chinembiri, did not ask him to plead, and remanded him in custody to June 12.

He was advised to apply for bail at the High Court. Mr Edmore Mahlanganise prosecuted, and told the court that Chauke was arrested for allegedly killing Siliya Maponese after raping her.


The victim was allegedly waylaid while on her way to a relative’s roora ceremony.

“On May 26, the deceased was on her way to Scort Village in Mabheka, Chipinge, when she met Chauke along a footpath near Budzi River. He allegedly approached and proposed love to her, and she turned him down.

“He grabbed and dragged her into the nearby bush where he raped and killed her. He took the deceased’s cellphone and vanished from the crime scene. He was later found in possession of the victim’s cellphone,” he said.

“Mr Mahlanganise said on October 21, 2023, another victim — Ruth Sithole — was working in her field in Chikwanda Village, under Chief Mutema in Chipinge when Chauke approached her asking if he could do manual work in her fields.

“She turned down his request because she had no money to pay him, and he grabbed her by the neck and dragged her for about 40 metres. He raped her once before strangling her to death,” he said.

Mr Mahlanganise said Chauke’s reign of terror did not end there as he took out his machete and fatally struck the deceased’s dog. He sliced the dog, took Sithole’s lunch box and disappeared.
He was found in possession of a spoon belonging to Sithole on his arrest.

On April 24, another victim — Honeni Manaka Masiyandoyo — was walking in Derera Village, under Chief Ngorima in Chimanimani when she met Chauke, who used the same modus operandi and proposed love to her.

She turned down his proposal, arguing that she was married.

“This did not go down well with Chauke who allegedly grabbed her arm and pulled her to the ground.

“He dragged her to a nearby bush where he strangled her until she was weak, and raped her. After raping and killing her, he took his knife and sliced her privates. He took her underwear and wrapping cloth before fleeing from the scene,” said Mr Manhlanganise.

Chauke was also found in possession of the victim’s underwear.


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