Editorial Comment: Zimbabwe goes to the polls

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Editorial Comment: Zimbabwe goes to the polls

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ON Monday July 30, registered Zimbabwean voters will queue at various polling stations dotted across the country to cast their votes and elect candidates for the Presidential, National Assembly and council seats.

Zimbabwe is on the spotlight. International election observers are in the country and the world is watching.

It is refreshing to note that the build up to July 30 has been peaceful, a situation that has been applauded by the international community as well as our regional and continental partners.

With only two days remaining to the watershed plebiscite whose outcome will shape the future of a country that is rapidly finding its feet to full economic recovery, the tranquillity currently obtaining is commendable and mostly treasured.

Elsewhere in this issue, we carry an article in which the Zimbabwe Republic Police said it was ready to execute its duties and deployments have been made. Officer Commanding Manicaland Police, Senior Assistant Commissioner Dorothy Kupara, said more than 7 000 police officers have been deployed in the province. She said several other police units were on standby to provide assistance 24/7 and answer to distress calls.

She urged voters to conducted themselves within the confines of the laws that govern elections and appealed to political parties, civic organisations and churches to preach peace before, during and after the elections.

Snr Ass Comm Kupara said cases of violence will be dealt with promptly and effectively. Her calls are most welcome and it is everyone’s hope that the voting process will go on smoothly without glitches.

In all fairness, political parties have been campaigning freely. Those who demonstrated did so without hindrance.

The prevailing situation is a stark contrast of the hullaballoo that marred previous elections. It shows that Zimbabweans have learnt from past mistakes and the new era has hope.

The Zimbabwe Election Commission said this week that it was ready to conduct the harmonised elections in a fair and transparent manner that subsequently brings about the credibility of the polls.

Manicaland chief elections officer, Mr Moffat Masabeya, said everything was in place and what is left is the casting of the ballots.

We walk together with Mr Masabeya as he urges voters to abide by simple regulations they should observe on their way to the polling stations, for example, the donning of political regalia.

The way the country is going to conduct these elections has a telling effect on the future of this nation. It is prudent that the people of Zimbabwe be in their best sober senses on Monday and let this election process sail through peacefully with people choosing freely who they want to lead them into the future.

The post election period is equally important. If political leaders make reckless statements with the counting process still on, it brings about unnecessary tension and tampers might flare out of control.

After people cast their votes, candidates to the election process and their respective political parties must understand that only ZEC has the mandate to announce the results.

Anyone who chooses otherwise will be acting against the law and it warrants arrest and subsequent prosecution.

Elections come and go. This wave of tolerance, peace and tranquillity that the country is enjoying must not be disturbed especially when the nation is about to reach the finish line.

We need to look beyond the elections and prepare to rebuild the economy and improve lives.

Those with grievances must always follow the legal route as several courts that deal with elections have been opened up across the country to ensure the speedy delivery of justice.

Vote peacefully and the best candidate will have the numbers.

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