Editorial Comment: Fighting crime is all-inclusive

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Editorial Comment: Fighting crime is all-inclusive

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OVER the past two months residents in Mutare’s affluent suburbs have fallen prey to a notorious gang of machete wielding armed robbers who are breaking into houses and stealing property.

The cunning criminals are hacking victims with machetes and other dangerous weapons at their disposal.

Several people have since been hospitalised from severe injuries sustained in the mid-night attacks.

As the attacks increased by the day, residents lived in constant fear as they did not know where and when the robbers would pounce next.

Elsewhere in this issue we carry a refreshing story in which some of the suspected criminals were arrested following a night club fight with sex workers at a drinking spot in the city centre.

The circumstances surrounding the arrest of these suspected criminals were the mainstay of public discourse since Monday morning. Many are optimistic that detectives will dig deep into the case and put an end to a vice that was ravaging families.

What troubled many was the ruthlessness the criminals exhibited while perpetrating the break-ins. Apart from looting property, the criminals raped some of the victims in the full glare of children or partners.

Such actions will forever leave scars that will torment families for a long time to come and rigorous counselling is required to steady the victims and their relatives.

The arrest of the suspects is sweet news and the public is closely following how this case will end.

On another note, residents hope that detectives will soon account for the outstanding accomplices who are on the run.

The public is convinced that if, indeed, the cops apprehended the right suspects, it’s just a matter of time before the long arm of the law catches up with the fugitives.

Those arrested will surely provide leading evidence that will enable the arrest of the fugitives.

The break-ins that these suspects allegedly masterminded must act as a reminder to residents of the need to up security at home in the face of increasing crimes.

With the festive season around the corner, vices of this nature will surface and residents must put their act together and protect families and homes.

This also calls on the part of the police to come up with preventive measures to curb crime. The issue of night patrols is paramount.

Police officers must be adequately resourced to carry out these patrols around dark spots and trouble areas situated at the periphery of the city.

Neighbourhood watch committees must be reactivated as they assist the police to patrol locations at night.

The subsequent ban of carrying dangerous weapons by police in Mutare Central District following the deadly break-ins is in order.

That order, which has a life span of three months, will help minimise cases related to the use of deadly weapons.

The identity of the fugitive criminals is now known and members of the public must come forward and provide the police with details that help with investigations.

These criminals live in the community. It is the duty of members of the public to unmask them and report their whereabouts to the cops.

Fighting crime is a concerted effort.

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