Editorial Comment – Christmas: Mind how you celebrate it

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Editorial Comment – Christmas: Mind how you celebrate it merry christmas

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NOW that Christmas is here, people are beginning to fall into various sorts of frenzies and excitement, unplanned trips and journeys, boisterous merriment, street and shop Christmas neon lights, thunderous ear-splitting firecrackers, gluttonous braais and bars.

The difference is now the same, making all men crazy, boisterous music and dance, jet-speeding cars and buses, impulsive buying, over-talking and over-taking on the roads and all forms of reckless driving imaginable.

Over spending, over indulgence, over drinking and over feasting; everything in the ‘overdrive’.

That is Christmas!

Some people define Christmas as time to relax and have fun. Others say it is time to come together and appease avenging spirits that threaten to consume the whole clan; time to meet village igwes to settle home feuds and family hostilities, perhaps to sit family kangaroo courts in search of domestic ceasefires to quell those marriage rows, disputes and quarrels.

Whatever Christmas means to you, there is nothing wrong in people perceiving it as some great day that deserves joyous celebration. The more careful ones, probably those obsessed with critical thinking will, however, ask, ‘Who knows the real date Christ was born?

Do those who claim to know probably through research, prophecy or revelation say it is December 25? From the word Christ-mass, does it need going to university to learn that it simply means Christ’s mass-mass marking Christ’s birthday (if you know the date?) A day marked to celebrate Jesus’ arrival in the human world!

If it is so, chances are it may not even be, are all these human perceptions and joyous brouhaha congruent with Christhood — call it Christ-mass? If Christ came back to the world today, including Zimbabwe, a few days before ‘his’ birthday, itself, is he likely to be impressed with the festivities going on in his name?

Do people still celebrate Jesus’ birthday or they are blasphemously using the day to celebrate personal joys?

Does Jesus approve of over drinking, over eating, over excitement, over everything? Does he approve of speeding cars and buses imitating Air-Zimbabwe on the roads, maiming and killing his people?

Does Jesus approve of a festive season that excludes prayer and mention of his name? When he hears what we say on the day, when he sees what we wear, what we eat and drink, what we think even, is it going to trigger his mercy or anger?

Does Jesus approve of parents and guardians who spend money celebrating him in human boisterous merriment forgetting January which will demand school fees and uniforms for children?

Does God, who is the Father of the Son, whose birthday is being celebrated approve of parents who eat and drink, buy and thrill themselves to the marrow as if there is no tomorrow? Does He approve of children who cry for Christmas gifts and special gifts, cakes, new dresses and shoes, forgetting the name of the one whose birthday it is they are celebrating?

Think and ask yourself whatever it is you will be doing over this Christmas; ‘Is what I am doing really necessary?’

You will hear a small voice speak in your ear, “It is not necessary. You are over indulging . . . and over indulgence is the weakest point of a wise fool.” If you continue to implore it, the voice will speak more: “The sun will rise again tomorrow! It must rise with you not without you. Don’t enjoy brief moments of today’s fake bliss. Don’t drink, dine, drive, love, feel loved, sing, dance, enjoy as if there is no tomorrow.”

Happy Christmas from The Manica Post Editor, the editorial team, management and staff!

Enjoy the 2018 Christmas with your brains, not emotions! We wish you prospects of a peaceful, hopeful and prosperous 2019!

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