ED appointed a good cabinet

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ED appointed a good cabinet

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. Editor — Kudos to President Mnangagwa for coming up with a fine team of ministers. The President has demonstrated that he is a listening leader and his Cabinet is proof that he respects the people’s wishes.

We can see a lot of new faces, with some individuals who have been causing public outcry being dropped.

It is clear for all to see that ED means business this time around and the ministers he has entrusted with ministerial roles are a perfect fit for the task at hand.

The work that Dr Obadiah Moyo has done at Chitungwiza Central Hospital should be reference point for what he can do for the health ministry.

Another good example is Kirsty Coventry who was already doing a lot to develop sport in the country.

Professor Mthuli Ncube’s track record as vice-president of the African Development Bank speaks volumes. Minister Chitando has already proven that he can do wonders in the mining sector. I have just mentioned a few of the ministers, but it is enough to show the path that the President wants to follow.

I am glad the President also mentioned that all ministers will present their progress reports every 100 days to enable the public to track what is being done.

Now that the Cabinet has been announced, it is time to work.

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