Don’t eat and drink anything, says the Bible

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Don’t eat and drink anything, says the Bible Elder Chiriga (left) and the Bible reader - Elder Muzama

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Morris Mtisi
If God spoke from the bush, on mountain tops, in water, in valleys and gullies, even in the belly of a fish, He cannot fail to speak through Radio. As the anchor of God’s word spoken through radio on the Programme The Bible Speaks, I find the sermons and presentations personally intriguing and uplifting.

Every Thursday night for a short and sweet thirty minutes between 9 and 9pm I find and enjoy spiritual solace and comfort hardly experienced in customary or traditional sermons preached in church(es).

The pastors and elders who have become household presenters on The Bible Speaks all burn with evangelical fire reaching out to everybody Adventist and Non-Adventist. Hats off to Pastors Made from Hauna-Honde Valley and Masomere from Rusape, Evangelist Peter Mlambo (Bocha) and Elder Chiriga of Sakubva-Mutare! Their true-gospel presentations are Biblically centred-blockbusters.

One such powerful and true gospel night was when Elder Chiriga using a plethora of succinct Biblical chapters and verses warned God’s people against eating and drinking anything they deem consumable.

Seemingly illustrating how God is a divine nutritionist and dietician in His divine scheme of life, Elder Chiriga quoting verse after verse humbled many listeners around this intriguing topic. What does God want and not want about what we eat and drink and our dietary habits?

Elder Chiriga spoke like a qualified medical physician or doctor when he said, “The best or healthiest drink there is, is water. It does everything the body wants for you. You don’t drink water because you like it or because you are thirsty. You drink water, and it must be plentiful water, because it is good for the body—straight from God as a health-drink.”

Come to think about it. God did not create CoCaCola or Fanta and all the coloured drinks we consume as refreshments. He gave us water. He knew it would suffice in all senses of the word.

Elder Chiriga said a man or woman created by God must drink water. He must eat vegetables. God made vegetables and fruit available everywhere in the wild. “We all crave for meat and regard it as a delicacy or symbol of emancipation, but how healthy is meat-eating?

Are you aware God never intended that man and woman must eat meat until he destroyed them with floods (we all know the story) after which He then allowed them to eat certain animals, but not literally any and all,” the man of God said.

He spoke against eating boiled animal blood which is a popular dish amongst many Zimbabwean clans and tribes. KuChipinge vanoti rubende! And they love this ‘delicacy.’ “Are you not aware that all disease hibernates in blood and finds communication through blood?” asked Elder Chiriga on the radio programme.

When doctors want to know what is wrong with a patient, they check or examine the blood in a number of instances. And here you are enjoying eating this body effluent.” With or without the Bible, it only makes sense that man desists from eating blood for this obvious reason.

The Bible Speaks is a Diamond FM Radio sponsored programme, courtesy of an Adventist business persons and professionals association-ASI. The programme speaks the same word and truth as God said and meant it…no colourful lies and exaggerations and sweet-nothing additives or interpretations as we are familiar with today in modern day church lies and fabrications.

The Bible Speaks is unique in one fundamental way. It projects the word and the truth as found in the Bible, and not in the mouths of religious criminals and liars who form churches that are typical incoming generating projects instead of congregational stopovers for Jesus’ second-coming and clinics for human sin and salvation.

All who want to hear what God says to us every day through the Bible, please listen to Him speak through radio every Thursday between 9 and 9:30 pm. Many have already found sanctuary in the divine power of this program. It gently and quietly sticks to the Biblical word without

Theological noise or boisterous argument or debate which characterise many programmes of a similar nature on radio or television and other platforms available today making them sheer religious entertainment.

The truth in The Bible Speaks shall set many more free. God does not know us as Adventists, Anglicans, Catholics, Methodists, Dutch Reformists, Lutherans, Zionists or Madzibaba neMadzimai ekwanhingi or ekwanhingi.

He knows us by how we connect to His word and how every day we strive to be acceptable before Him through His word as it is written in the book of life-The Holy Bible. And as we wait for Jesus’ second-coming, nothing can be more prudent than sticking to the Bible which contains and speaks all the truth.

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