Diamond FM launches English language radio clinic

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DIAMOND FM has introduced an English language radio clinic that will be hosted by educationist Morris Mtisi.

The inaugural Radio Teacher on the Diamond FM was held between 8 and 9pm.

Those out of the designated signal area will catch the programme on the internet on www.diamondfm.co.zw or simply download the Diamond FM application on Play Store or iStore and listen to the programme on your smart phone.

Previously the radio station engaged educationists, school heads and academics, including the Provincial education director to discuss policy issues and other pertinent issues affecting education in the country, the new curriculum, teaching and learning practices, 21st century education skills, teachers’ conditions of service, and many other topical issues.

That will continue from time to time, but for now the radio station has decided to get into the classroom and show-case typical classroom practice.

Last week’s show majored on Common Errors which need an aggressive approach to deal with.

“I have declared war against Common Errors and will do anything and everything to root them out of our children’s minds.

We as parents and teachers alike, have the obligation to deal with these notorious errors and precisely to de-teach them. We stuck them into their little minds, did we not?

Our children were not born with these errors enclosed in their brain-language-acquisition devices. They heard us speak like that and acquired them in our writings,” said Mtisi.

The response from parents and teachers that were listening in to last week’s debut radio lesson was overwhelming. They made incessant phone calls expressing gratitude that such a programme was now on air.

They acknowledged they learnt a lot in a few minutes and would support the initiative.

Teachers with some fascinating topics to deliver on radio the Radio Teacher, in any other learning area other than English Language and Literature in English, are free to approach the radio station.

The Radio Teacher initiative is intended for students only.

Diamond FM Radio will teach your children well! We are in it together! Don’t forget to buy a copy of The Manica Post every Friday.

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