Depicting meaning from artwork

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Depicting meaning from artwork Artworks are considered to be good or not if the aesthetic qualities are appealing to the eye

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This week our topic is on evaluating artworks.


Artworks exist in the mind of the artist.


Artworks are considered to be good or not if the aesthetic qualities are appealing to the eye.

The qualities and characteristics that are appealing to the eye and appreciated after the perception of the uniqueness.

In order to appreciate artworks, one can apply the four steps of evaluating artworks.


One goes through the process of investigation in order to appreciate the meaning in artworks.


When presented with an artwork in order to evaluate, one has to describe the artwork first.


The description step involves describing what you see.


This involves the size of the artwork and the media used.


From the description step, one should then analyse the artwork.


To analyse means to look closely.

How the elements and principles of art were organised helps in the analysis.


The elements of art design include shape, colour, line and texture, among others.

Remember the elements of art are used in designing the artwork.


The principles of art include balance, proportion, unity, movement, emphasis and harmony, among others.

The principles of art are used to understand how the elements are organised.

There should be a balance in artworks.


It is important to observe that all the elements have been used well.

When looking at the Zimbabwe bird, Mbuya Nehanda Statue, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe building, etcetera, consider whether there is balance, unity, variety and the proportion of the elements.


Interpretation of artworks involve making meaning of the artwork.


The meaning of artworks will depend on your past and present experiences.

Artworks are in a variety of forms which include buildings, graphics designs, pottery sculptures, etc.

We should be able to find out what the artwork is communicating.


Interpretation of artworks will always differ from one person to another.

You need to use your intelligence in order to make meaning of artworks.


The judgement is whereby one gives a final view on what they would have observed on the artwork.


Decide whether the artwork is a successful work of art.

In order to judge, you can use a rubric.


The aesthetic qualities of the artwork are judged at this stage.


Find any artwork and go through the process of evaluating it.


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