DeMbare’s two birds in the bush

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Moffat Mungazi’s FOOTY FOOTNOTES
NOT that we here at Footy Footnotes number ourselves among the wise, but there is always something about their judicious words which resonated with prudence pertaining to Dynamos’ situation over their two games in hand of this Castle Lager Premier Soccer League championship race.  

Put figuratively, the adage “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” would aptly apply to DeMbare’s predicament. Predicament because when it rains it pours for the Glamour-less Boys, at least going by Sunday’s 3-0 drubbing at arch rivals Bosso.

Following the postponement of their games against Highlanders and CAPS United – the Battle of Zimbabwe and Harare Derby, respectively, if your prefer being sassy about and sexing it up – there was always likely to be some anxiety over the deferment. For, for Dynamos, these are easily the biggest two flagship fixtures in any season owing to the fierce rivalry that punctuate such colossal clashes. The former had been put off for unspecified reasons by the PSL, while the latter was adjourned to allow DeMbare to cross swords with their old enemy Bosso in a challenge match during the occasion of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration ceremony.

But much like a hoof upfield during a game in realtime, the fading Harare giants’ two games in hand remained 50-50 as they dangled up in the air. Now that one of those two fixtures has already not gone their way – the 3-0 butchering by the Bulawayo powerhouse in the Battle of Zimbabwe – it has gone to waste. Accordingly, only the football gods know what the other outstanding contest against MaKepeKepe holds for DeMbare! Another reversal in the Harare Derby will leave the two games in hand having counted for nothing for Dynamos.

It would all, therefore, precariously leave them playing coquette with relegation; a flirtation that may not end romantically and typically be Romeo and Juliet-esque.  A tragedy! For, should this scenario obtain and results elsewhere do not favour them and their cause, DeMbare may remain stuck in that “unfamiliar territory” nearer the foot than the top of the table “where they belong.”

Without a shadow of doubt, while these two matches are not entirely season-defining they remain important enough to have some influence and a bearing on the remainder of their season considering the “extras” that come and go with them such as the bragging rights.

As we have just learnt a draw for Dynamos against CAPS United may be not be good enough as it is detrimental since it carries a damaging dent, while a win will only be half-a-loaf – better than nothing at best. A defeat is too ghastly to contemplate.

But perhaps DeMbare coach Lloyd “Samaita” Mutasa had seen this catastrophe coming. “The issue of our matches being postponed is really affecting us in terms of preparations. It is really a setback when you train and prepare for a match then you don’t play. It means you will have to start all over again. We are now working under a lot of pressure because we are two matches behind against big teams (Highlanders and CAPS United) but we will try to work on winning those matches . . . We have two big fixtures ahead of us and those games need energy and proper planning. Right now our prayer is that players don’t pick injuries or any kind of hindrances because we need to be in full swing for both games,” the DeMbare trainer conceded to our sister publication H-Metro after their inauguration match victory.

While such matches are known to make mockery of current form, DeMbare need to get into that clash MaKepeKepe in the best possible shape given how patchy their season has been so far in order to carry a spring in their step and inflate both their confidence and morale.

But injuries may also leave them hamstrung, while suspensions may deal them a fatal blow (defender Marshal Machazane sat out the Highlanders clash suspended, while Mutasa was an absentee away on national duty with the Warriors!). Also, to clear their backlog – which comes with its own pressure – Dynamos may find themselves having to play two games inside a week; and fatigue may creep in. So while DeMbare need the full set of points to make good their climb up the ladder, MaKepeKepe will be gunning for them as well so they gatecrash into the top four.

In summation, even as they may look winnable games in hand are like two birds in the bush for their outcomes are never known and may be worth nothing in the end.

If it is about football that you care let’s share the cheer because we are made for the game, mad about the game!

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