Delinquent Denver needs ‘Damascus moment’

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Delinquent Denver needs ‘Damascus moment’

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ESTEEMED followers of the game of football, thank you for finding time for interaction. So truant and delinquent Dynamos midfielder Denver Mukamba recently admitted to substance abuse, as quoted in the local media early this week! Importantly, this should be his “Damascene moment”; that defining and decisive moment where he must turn a corner in reviving his drug-blighted career.

The talented footballer needs to come clean, own up to the predicament bedevilling and incapacitating him so he works on solving it. The sticking point is that the boy is so stuck on drugs. Drugs thrill, but also kill — substance abuse is hazardous and calamitous. His rehabilitation may not be an event, but a process that requires effort, discipline, dedication and commitment that shall set him free from that vicious cycle and create a virtuous circle, and it is worth the whole while.

But the boy cannot continue spurning the helping hand of those lending him some so he mends his deviant ways — the club, family, friends and well-meaning well-wishers; because eventually he may run out of second chances, several of which he continues to rebuff.

It is time Denver dusted himself up and got his career back on the rails.  For this is the lad who, at the peak of the powers and height of his career was once the finest footballer in the land, a Soccer Star of the Year; which earned him a move across the Limpopo, but, sadly, could not launch himself to even greater accomplishments. And that the same boy once captained, albeit fleetingly, our national team — the Warriors – now reads like a concocted tall tale.

But since those two major highlights in his then blossoming career, remarkable feats by any standards, he has terribly lost not only his football way but also the glamour that Dynamos cannot even accept that he trains with them because he has become a bad influence that distracts and destructs.  While these self-injurious habits are gnawing at the Highfiled-bred player’s career, they will also eventually destroy his life. This path he is treading is tragic that he can only trudge to perdition; lest he strays into that wilderness where people will give up on him.

We cannot deny that trouble has found Mukamba right now and he, therefore, needs to fix this mess pronto to refresh his troubled career. Yet he should consider his present circumstances, with all those around him trying to help, a purgatory from which he must emerge sanitised and reformed.

As Mukamba rummages, he may want to digest on some verses from Eminem’s “I am Not Afraid” as well as Nas’ “I Can” so he knocks some semblance of sense into his skull.

It’s Game On, Play On!

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