Dam levels continue declining

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Dam levels continue  declining Mrs Munyonga

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Wimbainashe Zhakata Post Correspondent
THE dam levels across the country continue declining due to the stoppage of river flows and continuous draw down from the dams for winter cropping, the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has said.

Statistics released by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority show that water level in a number of dams in the seven catchment had drastically declined, resulting in the national dam level average dipping to 63,2 percent.

ZINWA corporate communications and marketing manager, Mrs Marjorie Munyonga said urged irrigators and permit holders to use the limited precious liquid efficiently.

“The decline in the water levels is attributable to the stoppage of river flows and a continuous draw down from the dams as winter cropping is now in full swing.

“As at July 8, the national dam level average had dropped to 63,2 percent marking a 0,36 percent decline since the beginning of the month,” she said.

Mrs Munyonga said the average national dam level is 18 percent lower when compared to the 81,2 percent recorded in the same week last year.

“Manyame catchment had a dam level average of 84,8 percent, Gwayi 56,6 percent, Mazowe 89,2 percent, Mzingwane 57,7 percent, Runde 53,2 percent, Sanyati 66,6 percent and Save 78,3 percent.

“On the backdrop of these dropping dam levels, the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) encourages all water users to use the available, but limited water very sparingly and efficiently.

“The authority also appeals to all those using raw water from ZINWA managed dams to ensure that they do so in terms of water abstraction agreements as required by the law,” said Mrs Munyonga.

Mrs Munyonga said any use of water for purposes other than primary purposes without the requisite agreements constitutes a criminal offence.

She said failure to comply with these requirements constitutes a criminal offence and offenders are liable to a fine or imprisonment of up to six months or both such imprisonment and a fine.

She implored all agreement holders to ensure to stick to the volumes stated in their agreements.

Osborne dam, which largest irrigation water reseviour in Manicaland is 64,4 percent full, while Siya dam is 96,3 percent.

Ruti dam in Buhera is 84,4 percent.

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