Court intervention in father, son feud

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Court intervention in father, son feud The son is accusing his father of ganging up with his girlfriend to kill his mother two years ago


Tinashe Mlambo
Weekender Reporter

A MUTARE man yanked his son who is accusing him of ganging up with his girlfriend to kill his mother two years ago to Mutare Civil Court, praying for protection.

Michael Chitambo said he no longer wants to stay with his son, Felix, accusing him of always harassing him over his mother’s death.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato ruled in favour of Michael, and granted the protection order which is valid for the next five years.

“I am applying for protection from my son, who is 35 years, and still staying under my care. It is unbelievable that he has the guts to call me names, and comes home drunk, accusing me of killing my wife two years ago.

“He is now chasing me out of my house, saying the house belonged to his late mother. He threatens to break my ribs and feed them to the dogs. He has no manners at all, and at one point he likened me to human waste. Whenever I try to get help, he challenges me. He said he will do everything possible to foil my application before this court.

“When my daughter buys me grocery, he takes and hides it, saying it is his sister’s money that bought the food. He is the one who is supposed to take care of me, but he has been a thorn in my flesh from the time he separated with his wife. He frustrates me, and never shows me love as his father. Your Worship, I am tired and cannot take this anymore because I am a high blood pressure patient. I want him to leave my house,” he said.

Felix denied the allegations, accusing his father of killing his mother two years ago.

“First of all Your Worship, I left my tobacco unattended and this will affect its quality. My father did not inform me of the court appearance in time. He just woke me up this morning and gave me the court summons, which is not fair. My sister buys us food, yet my father tries as much as he can to eat everything alone or rather shares it with neighbours. Together with his other wife from the village, they killed my mother two years ago.

“Even people from the village know that. He once appeared before the village head and was fined a beast for killing my mother together with his girlfriend. My mother left a farmhouse, cattle, farming equipment and a grinding mill, but he has succeeded in vandalising the farm. I am now begging for food from neighbours as he hides it every time my sister sends him money.

“He said I am 35 years old, yet I am 40. That means he does not know or care for me.

“I was employed before, but I lost my job. I have two children, and my sister is taking care of them, but whenever I get something, I always assist since we are all a burden to her, including my father. He is so troublesome, and can you believe that at one point my sister bought him a blanket and bought me a curtain, but he grabbed the curtain from me.

“I am not refusing to move out of my father’s house, but he should allocate me my own personal land.

“My father is a drunkard, and is telling lies to buttress his application. They are threatening to kill me together with his wife. All he wants is for me to leave the farm,” he said.


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