Control of goods: Open General Import and Export Licence

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Covid-19 essential goods can be imported without an import licence.

In an effort to ensure availability of products required in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government promulgated Statutory Instrument number 90 of 2020 on 17 April 2020. This instrument provides for the importation of Covid-19 essential goods without an import licence. The schedule below shows that goods that are on Open General Import and Export Licence and do not have restrictions on importation.

Exportation of products

Please note that the aforementioned Statutory Instrument also regulates exportation of the Pharmaceutical, Medicinal and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) products listed in the schedule above.

Please be guided that an export permit from the Ministry of Health and Child Care through the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) is required on exportation of medicines/ drugs specified in the schedule above.

In addition, an export licence is required on exportation of pharmaceutical, medicinal and PPEs products listed in schedule above .

The licence is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Please note that goods without the necessary export permits and export licences will be detained at the exit points pending production of such. All exporters are therefore urged to acquire export permits and licences to avoid inconveniences at the time of clearance and exportation.

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