Condoms in wife’s drawer

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Condoms in wife’s drawer The wife claimed that she uses the condoms as skin moisturiser

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Takudzwa Manzero
Weekender Reporter

A MURAMBINDA-BASED police officer who found a pack of condoms stashed in his wife’s drawer has been ordered to stop disturbing her peace as he has become violent towards her.

Candace Chibuya had dragged her husband, Jonathan Muniya, to court over the verbal and physical abuse she is suffering at the latter’s hands in their matrimonial home.

The couple appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, who granted the protection order in Chibuya’s favour.


The order will be valid for five years.

“When the first incident happened, I arrived home in Dangamvura from work and found him drunk. He insulted and pushed me around, tossing money in the air claiming that I had too much money.

“He woke up around 3am and asked for US$50 from me. I told him that I did not have the money and this infuriated him. He head-butted me twice before punching me. I grabbed a bottle and screamed for help from the domestic worker who came to my rescue.

“We went to Dangamvura Police Station the following morning and we got assistance from the Victim Friendly Unit,” said Chibuya.

Muniya denied the domestic violence allegations, saying Chibuya had become a distant partner with poor communication skills following his transfer to Murambinda.

“When I arrived in Dangamvura from Murambinda, I was shocked to see my wife joking with touts across the road. I did not confront her. I got the shock of my life when I discovered a pack of condoms as I was packing my clothes in a drawer.

“We have never used condoms together. I suspect that she is having an affair while I am miles away from home. I asked her about the condoms but she kept mum about it and that infuriated me,” said Muniya.

In response, Chibuya claimed that she uses the condoms for cosmetic purposes.

“I told him that I use the condoms as a skin moisturiser, but he does not believe me,” she said.

But Muniya does not buy that story.

“I found her skin moisturiser statement hard to believe. I no longer trust my wife and maybe the court may assist us with more counselling,” he said.

His wife said they have become regular visitors at Dangamvura Police Station.

“On our fourth visit, we were counselled by the Chaplin. This has not stopped him from further assaulting and harassing me, thereby prompting me to seek this court’s intervention,” she said.


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