Climb down your high horses, police bosses told

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Climb down your high horses, police bosses told Commissioner Dr Wiklef Makamache

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Abel Zhakata Senior Reporter
OFFICER commanding Manicaland Police, Commissioner Dr Wiklef Makamache, has ordered fellow commanders to climb down from their high horses and avail themselves to the public in order to fight crime.

While launching the Mutare District client service charter at the Meikles Park recently, the police boss said commanders have a duty to ensure that they accord themselves and their offices at any given time.

He went on to publicise active cell phone numbers of Chief Superintendents who preside over seven districts in the province saying they must be contactable all times.

“The police client service charter is a bond we have established  between us, as the Zimbabwe Republic Police, and you the general public, to chart the roadmap in our quest to put an end to crime,” he said.

“Crime is a social scourge that requires you and me to stand in line and complement each other in our bid to wipe it off across all social strata. Our drive in the 2019 re-launch of the police client service charter is stimulated by our desire to re-engage and re-connect with the public so as to be able to create an environment conducive to socio-economic development for our people.

“We appreciate that we are coming from a policing environment that previously created divisive lines between the police and the general public.

“It is important at this moment to highlight that the ZRP has taken a serious stance in engaging the public so that you become a contributor in the manner you are policed. The need to deliver a service premised on home-grown solutions for home-bred crime problems gives us the necessary stimulus to continuously appeal for your support and cooperation in the fight against crime,” he said.

Dr Makamache said crime growth rate will be reduced by 2 percent of the previous year.

“Crime is the core business of the ZRP. I once reiterated that our thrust is prevention which ensures there is perpetual peace and economic development. We further recognise that the occurrence of crime is a reality whose prevalence amongst us cannot be ignored.

“Of crimes committed in each month of the year, we endeavour to detect 75 percent of these. We have also set a target of 75 percent as standard for the investigation finalisation of all classes of dockets within their various set time frames. This should certainly ensure that a sizeable number of cases that are investigated are brought to their logical conclusion as quickly as possible.”

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