Child not yours, wife shocks hubby in court

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Tendai Gukutikwa Post Correspondent

A MUTARE man was left shocked recently after his wife revealed to him that he was not the father of the child whom he believed was his for the past five years.

Diana Chikati dragged her husband, Trymore Chabwana, to the Mutare Civil Courts last Thursday seeking a protection order to bar him from visiting her.

Chabwana, who is having a stormy relationship with his wife, begged the court that he be allowed to visit and see his child but was up for a rude awakening after his wife told him that the child was not his.

“The child is not his, when I got pregnant I told him that the child might be his and not that the child is his. He believed what he wanted and thought that the child was his when in actual fact, he is not,” she said much to the court’s amazement.

“Why does he need to visit my child? I want him barred from my parents’ home because that is where my child stays,” she said.

Chabwana told the court that all along he believed that the child was his since he had been made to believe so.

“She told me that the pregnancy was mine and I took her in as my wife. I lived with her for more than five years because I believed the child was mine and it comes as a shock that she now claims that this child is not mine. Your Worship even if the child was in this court today, you would not mistake our likeness. We look exactly the same and I wonder why this woman has the guts to lie to the court that I am not the father,” he insisted.

Magistrate Miss Nyasha Kuture ordered him to go for DNA tests to ascertain paternity.

Chabwana also told the court that Chikati had thrown him out of their house and was now refusing to give him his clothes and other personal property. He said he was visiting her because he wanted his things back.

Questioned why she was refusing to give him his clothes, Chikati told the court that she was the one who had bought the clothes for him and thus she found no reason to give items she bought in the first place.

“I bought those clothes for him, why should he keep them when we are no longer together? He should leave with what he came with and not what I bought for him. Those clothes are mine and only I know what I will do with them,” she told the court.

Miss Kuture however, instructed her to hand over the clothes to Chabwana since she had bought them for him.

A protection order was granted to Chikati against Chabwana. The order is valid for five years and bars Chabwana from assaulting, insulting and harassing Chikati, failure of which he will be arrested.

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