Cheers, Castle Lager!

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Moffat Mungazi’s FOOTY FOOTNOTES
WITH the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League 2018 season in full flight following resumption of the championship with second half action exploding, we would like to take some mid-air celebrations and toast to what has been of the campaign thus far.

Hearty gratitude is, therefore, in order to the proud sponsors and partners of the local game. We doff our hats to Delta Beverages through their Castle Lager brand for their continued association with our football. Their benevolent gesture is deeply appreciated and we are relishing every moment of it; cherishing and cheering every bit.

Only last year the beverages manufacturing concern renewed their marriage with the local league, which had subsisted for the previous six years, by unveiling the biggest ever package for the sport by a company in the entire history of the country. Delta Beverages poured in a hefty$5,450 million spread over three years into the PSL, with a handsome $3,450 being dipped directly into the coffers of the game.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce the renewal of our partnership with the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League for the next three years worth $3 450 000. We renew the league sponsorship to the tune of $700 000 per season and the Chibuku Super Cup worth $400 000 per season. This money represents the direct cash injection into the coffers of the league and clubs.

“Over and above this money, Delta Beverages will invest a further $2 million in support of the league through advertising and promotion of the league by deploying various activities that benefit the fans, consumers and traders of Castle Lager and Chibuku Super Cup. Therefore, the total investment Delta Beverages will commit to football in the next three years is worth $5 450 000. This is the biggest commitment to sport that any company in the country has ever done.

“It is our sincere hope that the unity that now prevails between football authorities and administrators will help bring in more sponsors to the game. We remain confident that there will be a common sense of purpose amongst all football stakeholders to support our game and the image of our beautiful Zimbabwe,” the company’s marketing executive Maxen Karombo was last year quoted as saying during the ceremony to unveil the package.

Now that is a pretty pay packet and we are profoundly grateful for that financial injection which has been the lifeblood that has helped give the game taste, shape and meaning and continues to sustain it. Add to that the individual monthly prizes as well as at the end of the season where there is something for every team, even those that walk away with the wooden spoon.

With such friends of the game on board, this has effectively seen over 1 500matches being played under the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League brand. The Chibuku Super Cup and last season’s one-off Castle Lager Challenge Cup are sweeteners that have helped incentivise the league and the game.

Like we sign off each and every installment in this space with our signature conclusion, thanks lots for caring about football. Thanks loads for sharing the cheer. You are, indeed, made for the game. You are, indeed, mad about the game.

Now we understand what you meant when you once declared that yours is a beer balanced to perfection because that is what you are striving to do for our game. Again, cheers to Delta Beverages and Castle Lager! Long may your association with our game continue; we deeply savour the relationship. Esteemed followers of the game you really are, as our predecessor in this space, the Gamechanger, would call it. Sincere friends of the game! For our part, we pledge to drink and enjoy responsibly without spoiling the party through hooliganism and violence at match venues which will ruin the reputation of the game.

We hold up our Charles Glass and toast: cheers, Castle Lager!

Let us do this again at the end of the season, another toast, when flight 2018 season successfully touches down.

If it is about football that you care, let’s share the cheer because we are made for the game, mad about the game!

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