Cheats caught on camera

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Cheats caught on camera The cheats caught on camera

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Lovermore Kadzura
Rusape Correspondent

Raymond Machingura, a herd boy in Headman Muchatisi’s area, was caught red-handed as he caressed and kissed a fellow villager’s wife.

The woman’s husband, James Muwi, took out his phone and photographed the two lovebirds’ intimate moments before confronting them.

This came out during a hearing at Chief Makoni’s court were Headman Muchatisi had directed the case to be heard.

The court heard that Machingura, who works for the Kaerasora family, was banished from his village of origin after he was caught dating his brother’s wife.

Narrating his case, Muwi said the two lovebirds were in a very relaxed mood and kissing while seated on the veranda when he captured them on camera.

“I left home going to Tsanzaguru suburb where I was working as a builder in the morning and left my wife at home.

“My wife was acting suspiciously and I was just praying for a revelation of what was happening behind my back.

“I returned from work in the afternoon and passed through Machingura’s workplace where I got the shock of my life. I saw him caressing and kissing my wife. I composed myself and photographed them using my cellphone. I then confronted them.

“I want him to pay me seven cattle for destroying my marriage. I reported the matter to Headman Muchatisi, but Machingura absconded,” said Muwi.

Kaerasora told the court that Machingura is staying at his late brother’s homestead and is proving to be a bad apple in the society.

“Machingura was employed by my brother.

“He came here after being banished from another village for bedding his brother’s wife.

“In fact, he came with his brother’s wife. The person who employed him is now late and he must vacate the homestead.

“He has nothing to his name and this court will not find anything valuable to attach from him.

“The best punishment is to evict him from the homestead. He is a bad apple,” charged Kaerasora.

In its ruling, the court found Machingura guilty of adultery, and ordered his eviction from the Kaerasora homestead since the relatives of his late employer want him gone.

Machingura absconded the hearing.


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