Chamisa’s political gospel wishes Zim into post Gaddafi Libya situation

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Chamisa’s political gospel wishes Zim into post Gaddafi Libya situation Mr Chamisa

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Andrew Humure Post Correspondent
Young, energetic, divisive Christian, hullabaloo politician, shortly describe Nelson Chamisa personality. Without dwelling much on his background, he is the interim President of the MDC-A, whose party brand gave a noticeable challenge to the ruling party in the just ended 30 July 2018 harmonised elections. Considering his age and the percentage of the votes his party gained, Zimbabwe was suppose to feel the significance of young blood in its political system towards ending political violence, patronage-politics and corrupt governance through robust and useful ideas.

But with Chamisa it’s a different story with his abused age. The post Gaddafi situation in Libya includes bloody demonstrations, ungovernable state, looting of state resources by USA and allies, price hikes and other social ills. This atomically fits into Chamisa dreams. He believes in politics of blood, sanctions, demonstrations and tyrannical rule, just for the sake relevance and power. It will be a difficult thing for hoodwinked supporter who just cheer on worthless political statements like “kudira jecha”, “Chamisa chete chete” and the like, without knowing the vision of “Chete Chete” and note the security threat alarming. In democratic nation citizens have the sole responsibility of designing the structure of leadership they want, and in most cases the leadership they trust.

It is not the responsibility of any political party to determine how leadership should be structured. Political parties are there to campaign for selection, but when people decide their vote must be respected. This constitutes a summary of how democratic system operates. It will be clear miss-calculation to think otherwise that MDC-A president is not aware of the democracy tenets. The name of the party includes the word meaning it is deep in the marrow, the word pass through his mouth on daily bases; unless he is our current “Ethiopian Eunuch”, seems to be well versed with democracy but  with no clear  understanding.

With the death of the MDC leader Tsvangirai and the dramatic assuming of power by Chamisa, the brand MDC managed to promise war to the citizens, with reparations that affected even those who voted them. He promised Bullet Train and at the same platform he promised war, which is difficult for one who is just seated in terraces to notice the duplicity of Chamisa’s vision. Libya under the leadership of Gaddafi managed to declare home as a natural right, free education and medical treatment, bursary to mothers with new born babies, free electricity, affordable fuel and the blocked “Gold Dinar” which makes life easier for the citizens.

Analyzing Gaddafi governance with democracy spectacles, one might point that Gaddafi was a dictator. But the critical thing the Libyans failed to understand by that time was to know who Gaddifi stifle.

The Libyans enjoyed listening to Eurocentric political analyst, with a thorough understanding of democracy, but not yet achieved even in their home states. The Tripoli situation is not cited to promote tyrannical rule, but rather to learn lessons on the consequences of International interventions in the political affairs of member states.

If it was the Libyans disapproving the leadership of Gaddafi, Libya was suppose to be like Egypt. A home grown demonstration and conflict will always bring positive results because they will be a cause. Taking note of Chamisa’s cahiers, one might say the security sector is in the hands of ZANU PF; therefore, Chamisa is employing violent statements as a strategy to stand his vision. Either true or false, history is the good answer to such claims, in particular our own History- liberation struggle movement. Chamisa is giving a conflicting picture to the world over the just ended harmonized election.

He is on record that President Mnangagwa stole his vote, which I would point as a fraudulent political statement aiming to cause chaos. Mnangagwa has no capacity to steal people’s vote, never will that happen.  Like what I mentioned before, it is not because Mr Chamisa is not aware of his political statements, he is quite aware of where he wants to lead Zimbabwe to.

Like in any other countries elections are not all that smooth, logistical arrangements and the platform will always give one candidate an constitutional  upper hand either the ruling party or the opposition candidate. But there is a difference between having an upper hand and stealing vote, and Zimbabweans must be educated on that.

Considering two shameful events, the 11 August shootings and victims of the just ended blood demonstrations, Zimbabweans must be worried about the vision of Chamisa.

If the Zimbabweans distanced their vote from the legitimacy of ZANU-PF as Chamisa’s news to the International Community, they will die for their vote and in thousands; Smith contemporaries can give better explanation than me. If it is from the citizens it doesn’t need any foreign intervention or sanction to remove the government they don’t like or they didn’t vote for, but only them in their numbers with one voice. When it reaches a level that, if one doesn’t like to participate in a staged demonstration will be victimized it clearly gives you the vision of Chamisa.

Under sanctified and justified political fights the discontented citizens were suppose “Kudira Jecha” on behalf Chamisa as their candidate, brave for the consequences attached since that will be duped a revolution, not him to exercise massive destruction policies on behalf of unaware citizens, and I would like to call them “cannibalistic policies”. The Ministry of Home Affairs and Culture whose duty includes providing internal security, law and order, it is high time it must assures the citizens maximum security with noticeable actions, than talk.

It must assure the nation and the International Community that, in Zimbabwe there is no specie that is above the law.

The former President Mugabe has achieved a lot for the betterment of the Zimbabwe and its people and that will be forever cherished, but I don’t think there is a single specie admiring the reintroduction of Mugabeism, which was constituted with some unlawful practices  that doesn’t worth to be mentioned. Chamisa’s statement on rallies and his allies on the social media must be not be labeled only, but proper action must taken in a transparent and non partisan manner.

The elected government has shared its vision of 2030, of leading Zimbabwe into Middle Income Economy and Chamisa has shared his vision to lead Zimbabwe to the land of bloody and demonstrations.

The country is facing a serious El Nino driven drought, and the citizens are expecting their leaders across political parties to focus on solutions that will take people through until next Agric seasons and as well addressing economic issues not only in a dialogue way but mutual cooperation for the benefit of all.

Andrew Humure-Holder of Bachelor’s Honours Degree in Social Sciences, Peace and Governance @Bundira University of Science Education.

Contact details 0774 491 453
[email protected] 

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