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ESTEEMED followers of the game of football, thank you for finding time for interaction. Hearty congratulations are in order to Mutare City Rovers on their feat of gaining a quick promotion back into the Premiership!

By now, since confirmation of their accomplishment, it must have sank in to the club and its faithful that they are among the big boys again and as such need to get down to serious business.

Their work, thus, is already cut out that between now and the start of next season, they should use the intervening period to adequately and properly prepare.

The best way, therefore, to celebrate this promotion is through painstaking preparations in order for Gusha Bhora to show that they are up for it and ready to slug it out. Another season-long flirtation with top-tier league is the last thing the Mutare football fanatics would want.

As we celebrate, we must be mindful that a new challenge different from the one just accomplished lies ahead; and that must never be lost sight of.

And at a time the Premier Soccer League are being stiff about strictly monitoring that clubs meet and adhere to the principles of the FIFA Club Licencing system, the need for prudence on the part of Mutare City Rovers cannot be emphasised enough.

Given how some otherwise avoidable oversight made the team pay handsomely when they fielded an illegible player which eventually cost them relegation the last time out, it would deal the club a huge favour if they make themselves conversant with the Club Licensing requirements.

It is simple, and only a click away on the Internet!

Just to get them jogging, the FIFA Club Licencing system, according to Fifa.com, demands that clubs commit to minimum standards and principles in five key areas that include such criteria as: Sporting (youth development programme and promotion of fair play); Infrastructure (safe, comfortable stadia for fans, families and media as well proper training facilities); Personnel and Administrative (qualified coaches and medical staff as well as professional, well-educated management); Legal (adherence to international statutes as well as transparent and fair club ownership); Financial (independent auditing of finances).

While club obligations on venues, the executive and technical structures are clearly outlined and spelt out in the Club Licencing system, Mutare City Rovers need to keep their eyes on the ball concerning squad reinforcement and friendly matches this off-season. It goes without saying, therefore, that additions to the team are necessary in order to give them strength in depth and as such they need to approach targeted players well in time and engage them as well as sort out the contracts of the retained players. Preparatory games are also crucial in that they will allow Gusha Bhora to run the rule over their players and also get to fine-tune the squad.

That said, we at Friday Football Echoes trust that Mutare City Rovers know where they stand in these regards and this is the time to hit the ground running.

A stitch in time saves nine.

It’s Game On, Play On!

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