Burglars on the prowl in Chipinge

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Burglars on the prowl in Chipinge

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Freedom Mutanda and Knowledge Mhlanga Weekender Correspondents
THE Chipinge community is living at the mercy of a cunning syndicate of burglars who are breaking into shops and houses, looting valuables and property.

Most hit areas include Chikore Mission, Chipangara and Pfidza, which are all under Chief Musikavanhu.

Police in the area are seemingly failing to contain the criminals who are making hits on a daily basis but no arrests have been made. Sithabiso Makenyana’s shop situated at Kumbula Complex was swept clean on March 30 this year after the burglars used iron bars to break open doors and emptied shop shelves. “I woke up to find my shop empty. They took money and groceries. I reported the case to the police but no arrests have been made,” said Mr Makenyana.

The criminals used the same modus operandi and pounced on Dhonza Shop located at Chikore Mission. The shop owners were left with their mouths ajar after the thieves took everything. “We closed and locked our doors before leaving but upon arrival the following day we found doors wide open and shelves empty. We reported our case to the police but the burglars have not been caught yet,” said the shopkeeper, Sarudzai Mhlanga.

In no time the criminals hit Chipangara Centre where Sibongile Masheedze’s shop was broken into and several valuables stolen. Maxwell Sidhuna’s shop which is located at the same complex was also broken into.

During the Independence holiday another burglary occurred at Chikangaise Shop at Pfidza Township.

The thieves destroyed walls at the back of the shop and opened up a tunnel into the shop. After failing to find money in the shop the criminals only stole two bottles of sterilised milk. “They destroyed the walls hoping to find money and other valuables and there was nothing much in our shop so they ended up stealing two bottles of sterilized milk before leaving. We reported the case to the local police and we hope the thieves will be arrested,” said Obert Chikangaise.

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