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Blood sucked out of unconscious man

Tendai Gukutikwa Weekender Correspondent

IN a suspected Satanism case, a Mutasa man was on Monday left for dead after his neighbours sliced him with a machete, bit him and sucked his blood as he lay unconscious.

Vongai Sarupinda (26) was left for dead at the road side by Tafadzwa Makonde and his grandmother, Chipo Makonde.

He was only assisted by passersby hours later and taken to Old Mutare Mission Hospital before being referred to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital.

Sarupinda sustained cuts from the machete and bite marks on his face.

When The Weekender visited him at Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital, Sarupinda was having trouble opening his eyes and mouth due to pain.

“They wanted to kill me. They sucked my blood. The old woman grabbed me as Tafadzwa struck me with the machete five times on my head.

“I lost consciousness and I could feel them biting me and sucking blood from my face. I thought I would die,” he recounted.

“When l regained consciousness, my face felt heavy from the bites. It was so painful,” he said.

Prior to the attack, Sarupinda had a misunderstanding with Tafadzwa.

It is said the latter promised to ruthlessly deal with him. Tafadzwa’s uncle, Never Makonde, said this was not his nephew’s first time to bite and suck people’s blood.

“Each time Tafadzwa fights with someone, he bites them on their face. A lot of people now suspect that he is a Satanist. It is not normal to suck someone’s blood, but Tafadzwa does that. There has been a lot of complaints and on all occasions he runs away like this,” said Never.

Vongai’s mother, Patience Sarupinda, said anything could have happened to her son.

“Had it not been for the passersby, we would be talking of a different story. They wanted him dead as they had tasted and enjoyed his blood. This is a clear case of Satanism and people need to be careful of these two. They are dangerous,” she said.

Efforts to contact Tafadzwa and his grandmother for a comment proved fruitless as their phones were off.

A police report was made but the pair is yet to be arrested as they are on the run.