BLABBERMOUTH: Where art though angle of death?

17 Nov, 2023 - 00:11 0 Views
BLABBERMOUTH: Where art though angle of death? Towntalk with Blabbermouth

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BLABBER is worried that this other female socialite who has been dating several men around our beloved and beautiful city is currently missing in action.


I mean this other angel of death who was involved in a fatal car crash that claimed the life of a youthful fella who used to work for this other telecoms company.

Yes, the lady who was behind the wheels when the accident happened right in the city centre in the dead of the night on their way from a drinking binge.

After she broke her leg and lost her boyfriend, Blabber thought she would be humane enough to regret and refrain from driving people for joyrides.

Alas, the opposite is true!

Yours Truly is informed that she was once again behind the wheels when an accident occurred recently.

Just like how it happened in the first episode, she was driving the new boyfriend’s car, and luckily there was no loss of life recorded in the recent car crash.

Yours Truly has been looking for this angel of death at this other eatery and watering hole in the central business district where she was now working, but it appears she has left the place.

Where art thou angel of death?

Blabber is only concerned that my dear brothers are finding it easy to give their girlfriends car keys to drive in their drunken stupor.

Well, if it is all in the name of love, who is Blabber to question that, but when accidents happen and lives are lost unnecessarily, Yours Truly is duty bound to question the wisdom in this reckless way of doing things.

By the way!

Blabber is now tying the loose ends of this other juicy piece involving a certain skirt chaser who is, not only good in removing teeth, but underwear as well.

The bozo has become a menace to society and Blabber will certainly give you, gentle reader, graphic details of his modus operandi and prey.

Far from the keyholes of your bedroom doors, what is this that we hear about these other birds that are said to be flocking a certain shopping centre in this other ghetto.

We all know the ghetto that is named after a yesteryear traditional leader.

The shopping centre is now named after a certain international retail brand because way back, the main building at this shopping centre used to use this brand.

These black and white birds, in their numbers, are seen in a particular tree at the same time, every day and it is strongly believed it is part of the money spinning rituals of the deceased owner of the main building at this shopping centre.

Who knows, perhaps the rituals are still benefiting the two children of the deceased businessman.
Just like my folks in the ghetto, Blabber is watching!


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