BLABBERMOUTH: Wages of sin is death!

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BLABBER is never judgmental, but we all know that there is a thin line between being judgmental and saying things as they are.

This other young man who breathed his last recently after a lengthy illness made more enemies than friends not only because of being hoity-toity that he was, but his weakness for sweetness.

Yours Truly vividly remembers how he made a fool of this other businessman by quenching his insatiable sexual appetite on the businessman’s better half.

Now that the young man is no more, Blabber hopes that fellow citizens have learnt a lesson or two of morality from the departed moron.

Yours Truly has learnt, through his long illness and subsequent death, that we are dust, and to dust we shall return, hence no need to look down upon others.

Blabber will not dwell much on the departed snob. After all, he had lost relevance to town-talk when he went broke as he battled illness in hospital wards.

Yours Truly is actually preoccupied with digging deeper into the shenanigans of this other school head whose misfortunes leaves us with more questions than answers.

I mean that one who did everything to ensure that he does not see the inside walls of prison after a long dragging court rape case.

Pot-bellied and dark in complexion, the pompous fella has had a series of misfortunes in his life, and most of these have sent tongues wagging among those who know him.

Blabber will not talk about endless cases of spontaneous and inexplicable fires that have doused buildings at his workplace because there are much more personal misfortunes that befell him that matter most.

His own son died mysteriously, and up to now Blabber still wonders whether his soul is really resting in peace.

As if that was enough, our dear head fatally knocked that innocent child in that other high density suburb as he drove like he is the only road user in our beloved city.

Yours Truly will reserve the well known bickering in his marriage.

Do not think Blabber is not aware that he has managed to cling onto the helm of that mission school because of his connections within that revered church, which is the responsible authority.

Yours Truly is also aware that the dude hails from the same village with the leader of that church. I mean that remote area whose name has something to do with hunger.

As the unscrupulous head clings onto the post, the pass rate at that once revered school has hit its lowest ebb, and Blabber wonders why his goblins are not assisting students in their exams so that he gets credit for managing the institution well.

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