BLABBERMOUTH: Some things never change!

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BLABBERMOUTH: Some things never change!

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SHE might have relocated thousands of miles away from our beautiful city, but her appalling shenanigans will certainly not escape Blabber’s long lenses.

At some point, she was once cannon fodder for this widely read weekly piece until she became a tired story.

Not that she had changed her ways, but for some reason, Blabber chose to ignore her wicked comportment and at least turn his attention to more serious people with more serious matters.

The shameless Jezebel is said to be away in one of the fast developing emirates located in the Arabian desert where she is doing everything and anything for a dime.

Dear reader, there is absolutely nothing wrong in making money and being able to buy all the things that money can buy, but there is everything wrong when one fails to draw the line when it comes to the type of their hustles.

Pictures of our dear light skinned sister strutting her stuff before lustful men old enough to be her grandfather and ‘gracefully’ consuming their waste are not only nauseating, but ample evidence of how the unfettered love for money can be so dehumanising.

This is how animalistic some of us can get in their pursuit of money.

Granted, back then she had the looks!

She was a total package, the kind that would turn heads even in that globally acclaimed city of love.

But as she turns flabby with age, our immoral sister who traces her long gone days of innocence to that other suburb whose name has something to do with water, must be racing against time.

With age fast catching up on her, Blabber only hopes that she quickly gets financially independent in time before wrinkled skin gets too stubborn for her make-up.

Oh, by the way!

What is this that we hear about this other well-known city debt collector who is swindling the very clients he purports to serve?

I mean this other debt collector who commutes every day from that other suburb named after a traditional leader as he reports for duty at their offices in the Central Business District.

Being forewarned is being forearmed. When you deal with him, do so at your own risk.

This goon takes payment from anyone willing to recover their money.


In most cases, if not all, he does not give you a receipt for the payment he demands upfront.

He goes ahead to pester the debtor who eventually pays the amount owed.


Our greedy debt collector then converts the amount recovered to own use.

So you pay him to collect your money from someone else but apart from your payment, he also pockets more money from your debtor without giving you a single cent.

All you keep getting are false and ever changing statements.

This is how cruel he is.


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