BLABBERMOUTH: Perhaps, the hair stylist was right!

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BLABBERMOUTH: Perhaps, the hair stylist was right! Towntalk with Blabbermouth


WHAT is this that we hear about this other “gentleman” who is in his early 50s who has succumbed to the temptation of narcotics, and now mixes and mingles with teenagers at different drug peddling havens in our beautiful city?

The gentleman of mixed blood was once happily married to this other saloon worker, widely touted as the best coiffeur in town, but are now on separation.

At some point in their marriage, the best hairdresser got fed up and kicked the “bastard” out of their matrimonial home.

She must have decided to face the burden of taking care of their kids alone, even though Blabber still doubts if the guy is the one who actually sired the broods, considering the fact that none of them bears his similitude.

Who knows, as an elder in the community, Blabber will only suspect that the children inherited and appropriated their mom’s genes.



Word reaching Yours Truly is that the dude is now into drug abuse, and has teamed up with that other broke diamond dealer, who is peddling narcotics at his quarters in that other street, whose name is a direct translation of a cock or rooster.

This can only make Blabber conclude that our dear coiffeuse was right in flashing the red card to this bastard.

Imagine, surely who would want to spent their entire lifetime with a man who does nothing, but feeds on narcotics?

Even though word doing rounds is that the dude has changed, and is begging the hair stylist to take him back home, that will not make Blabber approve the reunification.

Yours Truly will be disgusted to see the hairdresser repeating the same mistake.


A leopard does not change its spots! A dog will always eat its vomitus.

Yes, it is good to iron out differences, reconcile and move on for the sake of the innocent children, but how does one balance that with chances of drowning back into the misery of living with an irresponsible hubby?

Once beaten, twice shy, they say!

Far from this issue, Blabber is happy that after writing about those unqualified teachers at that other private school, most of them have undertaken some basic pedagogy tutorials, which is what Blabber has always been agitating for.

Put simply in vernacular, kugadzirisa nyika!

I mean that other institution whose name is synonymous to an ornament.

Yours Truly applauds their efforts to right the wrong.

However, Blabber is still worried about the presence of that bad and rotten apple among them.

The crook guy is coercing parents, especially the moneyed ones to pay for unnecessary extra lessons for their children, just for the sake of making an extra dollar.

If one fails to meet his extortionate demands, the innocent child becomes a victim of deliberate ill-treatment in class.

Can someone whisper to this guy that Blabber knows, understands and appreciates the need for an extra dollar, ordinarily to make ends meet, but in so doing one should leave space for a veneer of professional ethics.


If he persists, Yours Truly will soon come down hard, and go deeper on him.

Mark my words dear brother! Forewarned is forearmed! I rest my case!


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