Beware of these pyramids

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WHAT is this that we hear about this other fairly new money pyramid scheme seemingly flourishing in our beautiful city?

Yours Truly would have wanted to mourn the departed youngster who was beaten to death by her evil step-mother who then went on to cook a fake a suicide case.

This world is surely not our home!

Somehow, Blabber will focus on the daylight robbery drama unfolding in our midst.

Just like what the Bible points out that: “My people die because of lack of knowledge”, Yours Truly cannot help, but watch people become victims because of uncultured love of quick profits.

Whatever happened to our timeless principle that money is earned after working!

Blabber, being Blabber, in the interest of preserving the little that remains of our moral fabric, frowns upon laziness.

While we acknowledge that investment models have evolved over the years, we surely cannot condone or promote investment in these money pyramids schemes after we have all seen sad ending to those that came and disappeared in the past.

Yours Truly does not enjoy seeing victims crying foul after having lost their hard earned money through these pyramids and equally wonder why people continue placing their money where they have seen others losing out in broad daylight.

The ‘flourishing pyramid’, named after our beautiful city, has since been split into numerous groups as treasure hunters are flocking to join in their numbers.

The enticing regulations and guidelines that only demand a new member to seed a certain amount and bring in two more members have seen many trying their luck.

Just like Whoopi Goldberg in Sarafina – I love happy endings, unfortunately I do not foresee any in these money pyramids.

Being forewarned is being forearmed and those who have ears have heard me loud and clear.

Blabber will only resort to name and shame architects of this daylight robbery once complainants start trooping in and from what we have gathered so far, that is going to be sooner than later.

Just in case those running the affairs of our beloved city think Yours Truly is blind to their shenanigans, read on…

Blabber is a responsible resident who believes in effective and efficient service delivery that is attained through citizen participation through religious payment for services rendered.

But the recent increase in amounts that citizens have to pay is ridiculous, for lack of a better term.

The timing is not only heartless, but irrational.

It is not that Yours Truly does not admit that prices of goods and services are becoming more expensive with each passing day, but the need to strike a balance is apparent.

Yours Truly believes in the power of negotiation and duly hopes that someone somewhere will negotiate on behalf of already heavily burdened residents for a better deal.

After all, Blabber will always chose to be with the people.

Mask up, keep the distance and always remember to sanitise, Covid-19 is real!

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