Beginners guide to casual creative men’s wardrobe

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Beginners guide to casual creative men’s wardrobe

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HELLO readers, Valentine’s Day is by the corner, so prepare adequately to avoid disappointing your loved one(s). A few days ago I met an ardent reader who is a mechanic. He asked me why I do not write about how the “grease monkeys” should dress to look smart.

He then went on to state that Valentine’s Day events were not his best because he never dresses correctly.

His sentiments were buttressed by other guys around the area, whose businesses or jobs do  not favour smart clothing.

Poor guys, I felt for them.

So this month I will make an effort to give the different sections of male employees a list of clothing they could get to build their wardrobes from.

The focus is on how to build a perfect wardrobe regardless of which side of business you are involved in.

If you are the kind of man that spends 100 percent of your time wearing creative or casual clothing due to the type of work you do, then this instalment is for you. Here is a list of things you need to work towards purchasing to improve your wardrobe in case you will be compelled to attend an event that needs you to up your game.

Casual creative men’s wardrobe

Do you work in an environment where creativity is valued and conformity is dreaded?

Although you have colleagues that dress in clothing they slept in, you realise that dressing up a notch does not mean you are losing yourself as an individual.

Rather, it gives you a chance to better express it without compromising your chance for opportunity.

Rather be ready for success than miss the opportunity when you need it. No one can get away from the fact that people judge each other first by the way they dress, what they say and how they say it.

Here is your guide guys:

A suit and two neck ties, preferably a dark coloured suit or one that suits your complexion.

A pair of dress shoes — this is a smart shoe, closed all round.

Two pairs casual leather shoes (suede or saddle shoes), preferably black, brown or grey with a matching belt.

Five dress shirts that are either short or long sleeved.

Four pairs of well-fitting jeans, if you probably have more of these, it’s fine.

Two pair slacks, dark and light cargo pants or similar.

Two or more button-up collared sport shirts, perfect for under your suit. White and light blue are best in the beginning.

Five+ golf shirts, I am sure you have many of these. Take note these T-shirts are smarter.

Six+ sweaters, perfect for the cooler weather.

Five+ undershirts to capture your sweat. One+ sports jacket — unique style or fabric, perfect for smart casual event, worn with your smart denims or cargo pants.

To finish it all off, add a simple watch.

Now if you want to go a step higher, invest in two+ pocket squares for your smart Jacket.

Obtain one+ overcoat (aim for a unique fabric), for airport travel or those cold or rain days. And of cause collar stays and cuff links.

Mmmm, that is not so difficult, is it?

Quite simple, and if you shop wisely, it will not cost you very much. So instead of buying T-shirts or shorts this weekend guys, take this list with you and get one or two items that you do not have.

You have to start somewhere.

That’s it from me folks, until next week, God bless!

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