Battle for throne intensifies

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Battle for throne intensifies Elton Mupombwe

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Tendai Gukutikwa Weekender Correspondent

A MARANGE Village Head has approached the courts accusing his superior, Headman Mutsago (Wilson Chanakira), of teaming up with fellow clansmen to assault him.

Village Head Elton Mupombwe was seeking a protection order against Headman Mutsago and his nephews Farisai, Uyai, Itai and Phaxton Mupombwe.

The Village Head also told Mutare magistrate, Ms Notebulgar Muchineripi, that Headman Mutsago and the Mupombwe brothers are undermining his authority as the rightful head of Mupombwe Village.

He argued that he is the oldest surviving member in the Mupombwe clan, thereby making him the rightful village head.

Wilson Chanakira

Headman Mutsago presides over 19 villages, including the Mupombwe Village.

Village Head Mupombwe told the court that sometime in September, Headman Mutsago and the Mupombwe brothers assaulted him and the villagers who had gathered for a village meeting.

“They shouted obscenities at us before indiscriminately attacking those who were gathered for the meeting. They told everyone to disregard any instructions from me,” he said.

Headman Mutsago and the Mupombwe brothers were being represented by Ms Evelyn Ngorima.

A binding over protection order was granted to the six men.

The order protects Village Head Mupombwe from Headman Mutsago and the Mupombwe brothers, and vice-versa.

Village Head Mupombwe was advised to apply for an interdict and include the necessary documents to support his application.

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