Banana farmers fret over inputs

11 Jul, 2021 - 19:07 0 Views
Banana farmers fret over inputs

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SMALL-SCALE banana farmers in Honde Valley of Manicaland Province are fretting over the shortage of inputs, which they say is hampering their production-related activities.


Banana farming is a thriving enterprise in the eastern part of the country and those producing the fruit have implored Government and other stakeholders to come to their assistance by availing the required inputs.


A local agronomist working with banana farmers in Honde Valley, Mr Edward Madewekunze, said the availability of inputs can help capacitate the farmers to produce more.


Fertiliser is one of the major inputs the small-scale banana farmers are struggling to get. In cases it is available,  they say it is unaffordable.


Availability and affordability of inputs, Mr Madewekunze said, can ensure sustainability of the sector and brings long term gains to the country’s economy.

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