Back to sender frees girl?

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Tendai Gukutikwa Weekender Correspondent
HELL hath no fury like a woman scorned, even in death!

The avenging spirit of a Gombakomba woman — who was allegedly cut to pieces in 2012 by 10 men — is said to have been tormenting an 11-year-old girl, thereby prompting family members to seek spiritual help.

It is said one of the murderers — a fellow villager — cast the spirit on the helpless girl through the help of a traditional healer.

The troubled family members approached a Gombakomba prophetess who allegedly exposed the culprit behind the girl’s suffering and initiated a ‘back to sender’ approach.

The Chitohwa family had to camp at Madzimai Bhasera’s shrine until the girl was ‘set free’ by the spirit.

Madzimai Bhasera allegedly accused a fellow villager (name withheld)of being the chief culprit in the murder of the woman only identified as Mai Soromi.

Family members who spoke to The Weekender after the cleansing rituals confirmed that Mai Soromi’s avenging spirit had been tormenting the girl.

“Mai Soromi’s spirit manifested on my niece and her spirit told us that she had cast on her by one of her 10 murderers through the help of a traditional healer.

“The child would wake up at 10am,which was very unusual for her as she is normally an early riser. If you tried to wake her up earlier, you would think that she was dead as her skin would be stone cold and hard.

“Then the manifestations started. That is when we decided to approach Madzimai Bhasera for help,” said the girl’s aunt, Ms Charity Chitohwa.

She said after the ‘back to sender’ attack, the alleged perpetrator is now being tormented by Mai Soromi’s spirit.

“Everyone in the village knows that the man now sleeps on his veranda every night. The spirit does not want him in the house. He now also wets his pants while walking,” she said.

She said the family is in the process of seeking redress through Chief Zimunya’s court.

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